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Best Breach Ultimate Spots On Bind

Best Breach Ultimate Spots On Bind
Written by: Weeii

So, you've chosen Breach, the agent who's like that one friend who's not just bringing the party, but also bringing the whole house down—literally. When you're rolling with Breach, you're not just playing the game; you're redefining the battlefield with every round fired.


Playing Breach is like being a maestro of mayhem; you've got this toolkit of disruption and you're orchestrating chaos for the other team while setting up symphonies of success for yours. But here's the kicker: to really rock the scoreboard, you've got to know more than just which buttons to press—you've got to know where and when to press them.


We're about to deep-dive into Valorant's playgrounds, mapping out those secret nooks and crannies where Breach's abilities can turn the game on its head. It's about making those tight corners and open spaces work for you, finding the best angles for fault lines, and the perfect walls to flash through. But today we will focus on the best ultimate spots on the map Bind


Best Breach Ultimate Spots 


When discussing the best possible Breach ult spots we are referring to how you could utilize your final ability to the maximum. Even a slightly changed position can make a huge difference in the outcome, whether you are on the attacking, defending, or retaking side, we’ve got your back. After this guide you will be able to benefit from the 8 orb farm you always go through to activate your ultimate: 



A Site Execute

What Does It Cover: This ultimate on A site will maximize your chances of having entering without being buck’ed judge’d, that being that it completely clears close corners and anyone playing lamps.

When To Use It: Best used during fast site executes, as it helps you ease anyone playing close or in lamps. Usually, paired with a Jett dash or raze satchel, you will be good to set them for success.


What Makes It Special: This ultimate is especially useful because it could catch enemies off guard quite easily, nobody expects a breach ult closely and that can be to your advantage.



A Defense

What Does It Cover: This second ultimate on A site is more defensive, as it hits anyone playing Short, lamps or default.

When To Use It: Best used when you are playing back site and want to delay the spike plant, as this will get the attackers off and grant you a chance to push them.


What Makes It Special: Not only is this a good ult for retakes and denying plants, it also helps you regain fast control of the territory you lost which is very efficient.



B Retake

What Does It Cover: The best part about this ultimate is how easy it is to catch enemies in it, covering the entirety of site and a portion of both long and hookah.

When To Use It: Best used during retakes, especially fast ones, though make sure to clear Elbow before doing this ult as that area remains uncovered.


What Makes It Special: What makes this special is the fact that it will hit anyone playing on site or even hookah. This can translate to you being able to do fast retakes and that’s something that buys the time to your side.



B Execute

What Does It Cover: This second ultimate on B is very classical yet efficient. It will hit anyone playing B site including a portion of CT with the exception of Elbow.

When To Use It: Best used during fast site executes as it will allow you to secure a round, and in close games that could be the difference maker.


What Makes It Special: It’s the most commonly used ultimate for a reason, it works. So try it in your next ranked match!

Pro Tips


  • When using your ultimate, always look at the minimap as it will give you a clear vision of what it’s going to cover. However, if that’s not enough to give you an accurate determination you could always try certain spots in customs if you’re willing to walk the mile.

  • Remember that when you launch your ultimate at the enemies, it will take a second to reach them. It is not instantaneous, so be aware and don’t rush in before you have secured your play.

  • When you ult someone, try your best to avoid close ranged fights as they could still get lucky and headshot you through the stun. It happens very often, and you’d want every possible way to lessen the chances of it happening to you.

  • As a Breach player, your ultimate is very valuable because it grants your team a huge advantage, and that’s why you should always look to grab free orbs when possible. One orb by another, you will be getting it much faster and that can be the reason you win a game.

  • While Breach’s ultimate is most commonly used during site executes, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for anything else. You can use it to push enemies on defense, in clutch situations to force someone off the spike, and more. Get creative.

  • As is the case for any other ultimate in the game, make sure you don’t over-preserve it. You will only be able to use your ults many times in the game if you keep using it, so having it and waiting for the right moment is sometimes unnecessary. Just do it, and get it again.

  • Make sure you account for the fact that enemies can have counter ultimates, for example, an enemy breach can ult you back to cancel out your ability to push them and capitalize on your ult. You also could be that Breach who is countering opponents.

  • Don’t forget to combine your abilities together, after using your ult the job’s not done. You could flash, stun, and push along that which will make it even harder for enemies to possibly counter you in any way.

  • Always account for not ulting your teammates, the ultimate gives you a little bit of forward space where it activates so that’s something you can also take into consideration. 

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