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How to change your Password in Valorant

How to change your Password in Valorant
Written by: carrico14

Valorant is an online video game made with the maximum convenience possible for the sake of its players. In this game, players have a lot of avenues to ensure that they can enjoy the game without any hiccups or limitations. For Riot Games, this design philosophy has worked out excellently well, making Valorant one of the top video games to play today.

There are many ways to customize your experience across the board with every Riot video game including the popular League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant. Luckily for players, all these games can share a singular Riot Games account in order to enjoy playing. This way, you can use one email address and one password that will apply to every online multiplayer game made by Riot.




If your Riot account is compromised due to hackers or a leak online, it might be time for you to change your password to avoid any damage to your account. To do this, you’ll need to send a ticket to Riot Games using their support link . This way, a support specialist will be the one to directly attend to your queries. However, if you have any other reasons for changing your password, we’ve got a few steps worth following to reset your account password.



How to change your Valorant password


  • Step 1: Log in to your Riot Games Account
  • Step 2: Click on Riot Account Sign-In and scroll down all the way to the page within the third section
  • Step 3: There should be a Change Password button that you can use. Do keep in mind that you’ll need to put in your current password before typing in a new one
  • Step 4: Click on Save Changes


Once all these steps are completed, you’ll have a brand new password for your Riot Account. Although the intention might have been for a new password to use with your Valorant account, changing your password applies to your Riot account, meaning that the shared password for all your Riot Games titles will be changed too.


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If you use a different Riot ID for your other games then maybe it won’t be affected by the password change. However, most players should stick to using one Riot ID because that level of convenience is simply unmatched.



How to protect your Valorant account


If you’re ever at risk of hackers, here are some ways to keep your Valorant account safe from hackers.


  • Get a password manager: If you’re the type of person that struggles to remember your account password, getting a password manager can be a very solid way to keep track of all your secure passwords.
  • Use two-factor authentication: Enabling 2FA helps your account because it allows you to log in with an extra layer of security each time you attempt to play any of the Riot Games. It will ask to verify your email address with a code rather than just logging in any player from a new account for every attempt.
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