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New Cashback For Gamers - MillionPugs, Is It Worth It?

New Cashback For Gamers - MillionPugs, Is It Worth It?
Written by: GreenMcqueen

MillionPugs is a fresh cashback platform allowing you to earn game rewards simply for shopping online, ordering your favorite takeaway, or buying new fancy gadgets.


As a result, you can get an effortlessly unlimited number of Doubloons, Premium Ships for World of Warships, loads of gold or Premium tanks for World of Tanks, or Premium Kegs for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, instead of struggling in the game to win them.


It may sound like a dream, but the new cashback for gamers is available and you only need Internet access to take advantage of it.


The question that remains is - is MillionPugs legit?


Read on to find out:


  1. Is MillionPugs legit?
  2. How does the MillionPugs plugin work?
  3. What are the main advantages of MillionPugs?



Is MillionPugs Legit?


Before we dive into how the service works, let’s emphasize that MillionPugs is a fully legit startup. It was created by gaming-industry passionates and its investors include heavy hitters in the industry like people accountable for the success of Riot Games or Twitch.


The founders are gamers themselves, so they are aware of the daily struggles of gamers. Consequently, they have designed an innovative service that will assist them in progressing in the game faster and make it more exciting.


They came up with a rewards platform, called it MillionPugs and created the MillionPugs browser extension to make using the platform user-friendly and effortless.


Once you use the platform or the plugin, you collect reward points, called pugs™, and credits for shopping online with almost 2000 brands from various industries.


Afterwards, you can exchange collected points for in-game content for your favorite games like Doubloons for the World of Warship, Skins for Heroes & Generals, Premium tanks for World of Tanks, or card packs for KARDS.



How Does The MillionPugs Plugin Work?




As already stated, to fully exploit the service, the optimal way is to use the MillionPugs browser extension. As for now, you can add it to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Installing the MillionPugs browser extension will not only enable you to take advantage of the cashback platform, but it will also:


  • equip you with a welcome bonus to start off on a good note,
  • prevent you from missing out on any opportunity to get points by displaying a notification when you visit any of the listed stores,
  • enable you to collect pugs™ that can be redeemed for game rewards like currencies, skins, premium items, packs,
  • turn you to a member of the MillionPugs community who can suggest what game content and games are missing in the MillionPugs offer.


What is more, both the MilloinPugs account, and the browser extension are free-of-charge. Consequently, trying out the service is risk-free and you can only benefit. 



What Are The Main Advantages Of MillionPugs?




Installing the MillionPugs plugin makes using the cashback service effortless.


Once you do this, the browser extension will automatically display available deals every time you land on any of the listed stores. Consequently, you don’t have to devote your free time to browsing deals, as the plugin will do everything for you.


What is more, collecting pugs™and redeeming them for game items is a quick and simple process. You don't need to wait ages to afford the chosen game rewards available.


If you, for example, order a pizza at Grubhub at least 3 times, you can already afford a Royal Navy pack for World of Warships, or Shupe Leader Skin for Gwent.


Or you can order a pizza at Grubhub 7 times, and you already have a sufficient number of pugs™ to purchase Ensign’s Endowment pack for World of Warships, or Machine Carbine for Heroes and Generals.


Extra Bonuses


As already mentioned, you can get a welcome bonus in the form of pugs™. Nevertheless, you can also expect extra prizes for shipping regularly and activating deals.


Moreover, MillionPugs crafts special deals for their users regularly. You can look into them at in the special offers section.


No Payments And No Strings Attached


As already stated, MillionPugs is a free-of-charge cashback for gamers. The owners make money only by getting commissions from brands when users activate deals.


Instead of taking all this money as their profits, MillionPugs shares it with their customers granting them pugs™.


It is also worth mentioning that you have an option to resign and uninstall the browser extension whenever you want. You don’t have to sign any contract to use the service and there are no loopholes. When you don’t need the service anymore, you can just stop without any consequences.




MillionPugs founders are gaming enthusiasts. Nevertheless, they are also aware that getting hold of powerful items like Premium ships for World of Warships, or Premium tanks for World of Tanks is usually a time-consuming and tedious task.


Once you use the MillionPugs cashback service, you can save up time you would have to devote to get the resources you need and focus on the essence of the games.





MillionPugs is not only a fully legal company, but also a respectful organization respecting their customers and their privacy.


As a result, the MillionPugs browser extension doesn’t gather any additional information about customers. It limits itself to collecting data, like:


  • name, email address, and location to create accounts,
  • transactions made and deals used to grant pugs™and let you know about special tailored deals,
  • preferences of the users to improve their services.


MilloinPugs collects minimum personal data and doesn’t distribute any user information to third parties. You can read the whole MillionPugs Privacy Policy at


User-Friendly Site


Apart from the top-notch MillionPugs extension, the site itself is transparent and easy to navigate. You can search there for all the information about partnered stores, deals they have prepared for MillionPugs users, and game content you can get.


Wide Selection Of Games




The cashback platform is new, but it already offers game items for various games. As for now, you can get top items for games, such as:


  • World of Warships,
  • World of Tanks
  • Heroes & Generals,
  • KARDS,
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.


Nonetheless, the number of games is going to rise. MillionPugs is already planning to add the below games in the near future:


  • League of Legends,
  • EVE Online,
  • Valorant,
  • Teamfight Tactics,
  • Legends of Runeterra.


Almost 2000 Stores Available


Currently, MillionPugs collaborates with almost 2000 different online stores. Therefore, you don’t even have to change your shopping routine, as you may already shop at a few of the shops affiliated.


Apart from the mentioned Grubhub, on the MillionPugs list, you can find brands from all industries, like Electronics, Baby, Kids & Toys, Clothing, Home & Garden and Luxury. The selection of brands is wide, and every user should be able to find suitable deals for themselves.


All in all, MillionPugs is a fully legal cashback for gamers that can equip you with valuable game items. It enables you to effortlessly get game rewards almost for free and up your game without changing your daily routine. All you need to exploit the service is to install the MillionPugs browser extension and start collecting pugs™ redeemable for game rewards.

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