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Best Iso Lineups Split

Best Iso Lineups Split
Written by: Weeii

Valorant, for those who might be new to it, is much more than a typical first-person shooter. It's a game where strategy, map knowledge, and positioning play as crucial a role as your aiming skills. One key aspect of this strategic depth is the use of ISO Undercut - locations on the map where you can assist your team take space and get easy kills through the usage of utility combos or just simply blasting out dealing tons of damage with little hits.


In this introduction, we're going to highlight some of the most advantageous ISO Under cut ability spots across Valorant's diverse and intricate maps.


But it's not just about knowing these spots; it's about understanding how to utilize them effectively. We will delve into the nuances of positioning and the importance of timing. Starting on Split, this guide will be a great resource whether you are a newcomer or an experienced player, so hold on tight as we break it down for you. 





Best ISO Undercut Ability Spots


Using your Undercut ability properly is more than just pressing a key, it could be the reason for a round’s outcome. With ISO’s Undercut, you can easily crack enemy defense and attacking lines because what your ability does is add a vulnerability effect on enemies which helps you kill them with only a bit of damage dealt, here are the best spots you can use your ability in: 

A Defense



What Does It Cover: This undercut spot on A site will hit anyone playing towards A main. It goes to a greath length, even further than ones standing next or behind sewers, so it’s safe to say you will most likely hit a lot enemies if they are on A.

When To Use It: Best used to combo with other utility or to assist teammates push A main aggressively, for example you can do that to execute a raze ultimate into A main. 


What Makes It Special: This is a special lineup because it guarantees you easy damage or even kills, even if you are to miss your shots you would simply get kills because of how vulnerable enemies become. 




What Does It Cover: Over to Mid, this undercut is very common, as it is always used for breach stuns and omen blinds, you can alternatively do it with Iso and achieve great results. It will cover the entirety of B Heaven for your teammates.

When To Use It: Best used during attacking scenarios where you plan to aggressively execute B heaven, especially if you have duelists that are willing to double satchel or dash right as you cast your utility. 


What Makes It Special: This is a special position because it forces defenders to go away from B heaven giving you a lot of map control that can easily win you rounds. 

B Attack



What Does It Cover: Over to B site, this will easily assist your team to walk out on site. Now don’t get us wrong, you are a duelist, but you are very much like an initiator with this ability. It will hit everyone playing back site behind pillar.

When To Use It: Best used during fast attacking scenarios towards B site because this will ease your angle clearing process as you might force enemies to back off. 


What Makes It Special: Most of the times, you will hit someone with this ability which makes it a great pick to try in your next match. 

B Defense



What Does It Cover: Lastly on B site, this spot will get you through to hit anyone in B lobby quite easily as it covers B main deep and B lobby.

When To Use It: Best used during eco rounds or when you’re planning to push B main into B lobby. It can also be used for information as casting it will likely result in enemies stepping to dodge it.


What Makes It Special: This is a very easy yet efficient lineup to do, you just stand by the wall and cast it and your teammates can easily peek through to take their duels.

Pro Tips


  • When using your ultimate, make sure you’re in a safe space as it’s very easy for enemies to walk up and kill you. Think of it as a Phoenix ult, you don’t want to be in an exposed position, otherwise, you will get instantly traded if you win your duel.

  • It’s important to remember that the ultimate will reset both of you and the enemy to equal terms regardless of your conditions mid-round, for example, if your enemy is 1 HP and you ult them in, you both will start at full shield full HP so pay attention to that.

  • Remember that all abilities are disabled by default once you enter your ultimate, this includes abilities that are previously casted; which means if you used any utility on an enemy it won’t carry on during your ultimate.

  • As an ISO, it’s really important to combo your abilities and make sure you use them together. With the set kit you have, you are able to create unique opportunities for yourself as a duelist and that’s what makes a difference.

  • Adding to utility combos, don’t hesitate to ask your teammates for help or set them up using your abilities as your vulnerability can be the “initiating” role for so many different plays.

  • One of the best ways to use your ultimate is to counter certain agent ultimates, such as Viper ultimate. If you are playing retake and a Viper is ulted on site, you can use your ultimate hoping to capture that Viper and put down their ult.

  • Remember that ISO is not an entry agent, you have no abilities to dash or take fast control which makes it rather difficult to run it as a solo duelist. For that reason, you should always prioritize picking ISO in the spot of reyna, as its more efficient and effective.

  • Your ISO shield does not stack up on top of each other, rather it resets the timer of the shield before it wears down, so while it's not a priority to hit the reset there is no harm to do it if you have the chance to.

  • Finally, don’t forget to watch pro plays with ISO as that will speed up your progress playing that agent.


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