Best Way to Check your Valorant Match History

Best Way to Check your Valorant Match History
Written by: ar1essss

As one of the trendiest competitive shooters around, Valorant is a game that will surely excite anyone looking to make their mark in a first-person shooter. If you’re a player that wants to create a solid identity within gaming, you can’t go wrong with playing ranked in Valorant. There’s a lot to see and learn throughout your gameplay, so today, we’ve decided to create a guide to help you learn how to check your Valorant stats in Match History, and improve to a level where your skills have no noticeable gaps.



How to check your match history in-game


To view how you’ve been doing so far, you can go to the career page in-game. Here, you will be given basic information related to the previous 10 matches that were played on your account. Each of these matches has detailed summaries that are also provided such as your kill score, elimination history, spikes planted, spikes defused, and more.

In the match history view of Valorant stats, there’s a fair amount of information that can be acquired to learn from. All the stats included each serve a role in informing how to further improve in future games. Yet, it also shows areas where you were successful.


Additionally, your match history page gives some info on the timeline and performance, where you can get a good view highlighting your per-round performance over the last few games you’ve played.




Performance view


As a keen-eyed player, you should be looking at your average performance over the past 10 matches provided. By doing this, you’ll be able to form better habits and build consistency. Particularly, you should focus on stats like your kill-death ratio. By viewing what your average is with this, you can have a better idea of what weapons and flank angles are best in Valorant games.



Timeline view


With this information, you can be given a detailed view of what went on in each round. If you were usually dying for a particular player or weapon, you will be given that information, helping you further improve your game sense.


The timeline page is truly nice to have, and taking advantage of it will put you in a position above most players. You can quickly learn how to exploit typical players in your ranked games, especially after covering your shortcomings in performance. Certain habits can be found in some ranks, and knowing how to prepare to respond to those tactics is a skill by itself.



Why you should check your Valorant match history


The Valorant stats for match history that is displayed in-game is truly phenomenal to see. There’s barely any cause for concern when figuring out what exactly may be coming for you next.
The in-depth information received from this page is something most players fail to recognize or take advantage of, so by being one of the few players to truly adopt what the match history screen has to say, you’re bound to be in a better spot, and climb through ranked faster than ever.



Best VALORANT Stats Trackers


For more advanced players in Valorant, who are playing in higher ranks, a good way to improve is to use Valorant Stat Trackers. It’s not enough to be playing many games a day; you need to be able to pinpoint what your weak points and strong points are.


This is where the stats tracker comes in: they help you see what’s working for you and what’s not. Read more about them, you can in our article The Best VALORANT Stats Tracker for You!

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