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The Best VALORANT Stats Tracker for You!


To improve in VALORANT and get to the promised land of Immortal and Radiant, you have to check your stats constantly. It’s not enough to be playing many games a day; you need to be able to pinpoint what your weak points and strong points are. This is where the stats tracker comes in: they help you see what’s working for you and what’s not.


In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best VALORANT stats trackers in the scene, and weigh their perks and disadvantages.



Why You Need A Stats Tracker


VALORANT is an extremely skill-based game. You can’t just coast by with bad mechanics to climb your rank. In order to climb up the rating ladder and improve, you need to be able to see your performance in a quantifiable form. You can’t just rely on your own judgment: you’re likely going to be a bit biased about your own performance.


Unfortunately, VALORANT doesn’t have a built-in stats page where you can see all your stats consolidated into one page. It’s one of the few things the game is still lacking (along with a functioning replay system. Come on, Riot!). This is where stats trackers come into play.



Stats trackers are a way for you to see your VALORANT performance quantified in numbers. They take the stats from all of your games and compile them into a neat page where you can see where you’re improving in the game and which parts need work. If you want to take VALORANT seriously and climb up the ranks, stats trackers are an essential tool for your personal growth.


However… there are a lot of VALORANT stats trackers out there right now. Selecting one can be tricky and difficult for newer players to find. Luckily, there are two stand-out stats trackers that have been proven to be the actual best tools to improve: and


You might know more for their League of Legends tracking system. However, they have also stats trackers for multiple games, including VALORANT.


Out of all the VALORANT stats trackers in this article, Blitz will definitely provide the most bang for your buck. In terms of stats tracking, it’s definitely on the simpler side of things. It has all the basics: win-loss record, agent and weapons stats, match history, it’s got it all.



What sets it apart from other VALORANT stats trackers online, though, is its overlay system. Blitz allows you to have an overlay on your screen that you can pull up to help you in the game. You can look at important lineups or guides for your agents in-game. It’s not just a stat tracker to help you post-game; it’s an all-around tool to help you improve in all aspects of the game.


There are downsides to Blitz, though. If you’re like me and you play VALORANT on a potato disguised as a PC, you should reconsider using this stats tracker. The overlay system is very cool, but it also takes up significant resources from your PC. I’ve experienced frame drops while Blitz is running in the background. It’s definitely an awesome program that will definitely help you be better, but it’s not really… friendly to lower-end units like laptops or old PCs. (Tracker Network)


Similar to Blitz, is not just a VALORANT stats tracker. It’s a multi-game tracker that just so happens to have a VALORANT division.


VALORANT’s current API makes it difficult for stats trackers to get in-depth statistics. However, provides the best and most in-depth coverage of your stats in VALORANT. You’re able to see everything you need on their website. You can check your most played agents and see your utility usage, your best maps, and even the players you’ve queued with recently!



As an added bonus, has a mobile app you can use if you have a low-end PC. That way, you won’t need to open your browser while in a VALORANT game to track your stats. The drawback is that it takes a while to update your stats sometimes, so instant post-game analysis won’t be quite as instant.


The biggest downside to that I’m seeing is that it doesn’t provide the same in-depth help that Blitz has. Blitz may take up a lot of space, but it provides you with so much more during the game. Stats trackers are meant to help you improve in VALORANT, and Blitz does so much in that department other than giving you the numbers.


Another great online tool to monitor statistics for Valorant, as well as Pubg, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and more multiplayer games is the tracker named is an extremely user-friendly site that anyone can use to their advantage. All you need to do is sign in with your Twitch account and start tracking your progress in your favorite games. You can even add friends so you can compare stats and see who is truly the best at the game.


It gives players the ability to see their kills, deaths, and other information that is important to them while playing these games. In addition, it allows the user to share this information with others to improve their gameplay.


This is a great tool for any competitive gamer looking to step up their game and get an edge on the competition.



You'll need to establish an account with your Riot ID. Your profile becomes public after this, and anyone can see your statistics if they search for your player name.


Once you've logged in, you'll see all of your important stats. These include the kill/death ratio, the overall number of kills and deaths, the number and proportion of victories, longest win streak, assists per match, and other statistics.


Apart from viewing your own statistics you can also enter someone else's username in the search bar and see all their statistics, but you can only see them if they have previously created an account with




What separates them from other Stat Trackers


These two are the best and most in-depth stats trackers out there, but there’s certainly a lot more to choose from. A lot of these are just your basic run-of-the-mill stats trackers, like and These ones certainly aren’t bad: they get you what you need, which is your stats.


However, what really sets Blitz and Tracker above the rest of VALORANT stats trackers is how in-depth they go in the stats department. Blitz and Tracker not only shows your match history, but it also shows you EVERYTHING. As stated earlier, you can see your best-performing maps and your best-performing agents. You’re able to see your skill improvement easily with these apps in your back pocket.



I would personally recommend more to newer players looking to improve at the game. The reason for that is because it provides so much more for newer players, such as guides and lineups you can pull up while in the game., on the other hand, is great if you’re looking to check out your VALORANT stats in your downtime, or when you’re dedicating a portion of your time to analyzing your game. You can pair it with a recording app like Overwolf or OBS to check out your gameplay and stats at the same time.


Whichever stats tracker you use, you’ll certainly see an increase in your VALORANT skills when you use them the right way. Good luck, and go tap some heads out there!

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