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VALORANT Brimstone Smokes on Bind- Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Brimstone Smokes on Bind- Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: ar1essss

Brimstone is a popular smoker in Valorant right now. Players are using him on Fracture and Bind. Here you'll find a guide on how to play Brimstone on Bind.



Best Attack Smokes


The full power of Brimstone on Bind is revealed in the attack. His smokes are helping the team to enter any site, and Ult with moly is helping to not allow enemies to retake the site. Let's start with A site.



Variant 1




The most popular line-up on Brimstone for A site on Bind. You throw two smokes on site, like diagonal, which cover you. This line-up allows your team to enter the site safely. Then, if you have a Sage, she can launch the wall on the spot of smoke. The third smoke you can use for lamps or then for retake if lamps is already under your control.



Variant 2




The second line-up allows you to use "showers" as well. You cover the site and lamps. This variant is most varied because it allows you to plant on default, behind triple, for lamps, for showers.



Variant 3




The third variant is very simple and easy. You should just throw smoke Tower, Site, and Lamps.



Let's talk about B site. Here we also have some interesting line-ups. There are two most famous variants.



Variant 1




Here you should smoke elbow and CT. The third smoke, you should use according to the situation. If you have elbow control, smoke CT, and vice versa.



Variant 2




In this line-up you smoke elbow and mid-site on both sides. If you use these smokes, you need to make attention to the back site, for example, Brimstone can use ult or throw moly to this position.




Best Defense Smokes


In defense, Brimstone smokes needs to grab the area on the map in early timings, and then for retakes.



Smokes for early timings





Smokes for A retake




Smokes for B retake




Hope this guide for Brimstone on Bind will help you to win the matches in ranked.

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