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The Art of Dueling: Best Duelist Agents in Valorant

The Art of Dueling: Best Duelist Agents in Valorant
Written by: ASH

Duelists are one among the four roles of agents in Valorant. Duelists have the ability to be the first to enter the bomb site and engage with enemies. This article deals with the kingdom of Valorant Duelist Agents. Agents have unique skills and abilities which can increase their levels for gameplay.


The game features six Duelists: Jett, Raze, Neon, Reyna, Yoru, and Phoenix. Read on to know which one is the best fit for you.




Duelist Agents


Valorant has a vast range of agents, all with exclusive skills and characters. Likewise, the Duelist agents have the capacity to initiate battles, executions, and pressure the enemies. The aggressive playstyle of these agents makes them capable of winning against the enemies.



Top Duelists in Valorant


The top duelists include:





the art of dueling best duelist agents in valorant


Mostly, Valorant’s team play depends on skills, so when someone kills your teammate, you kill them next. Jett is a good choice because the Korean wind bender can play passively with an Operator or burst onto a site with her knives, Tailwinds, and Updrafts. The flexibility in her kit makes her very strong.





the art of dueling best duelist agents in valorant 2


The duelist Raze is good for attacking if the enemy shows any careless move. Raze is an attack-minded Duelist who can really make a team pay for careless positioning. Her Boom Bot is worth finding sights. It often opens up a window of opportunity for her teammates to push behind.


Unfortunately, Raze’s utility is not as effective on defense compared to the attack. But her continuous explosions deliver plenty of zone control, forcing enemies back.





the art of dueling best duelist agents in valorant 3


In attack, Phoenix’s powers are truly revealed. The British fire setter demonstrates utility in his kit through his barrier, explosions, and Hot Hands Molotov to block off sight lines and really break onto a site.





the art of dueling best duelist agents in valorant 4


The intellectual nature of Yoru’s kit is at its best when used as a sole playmaker. The enemies will be on their toes at each level through multiple rounds of careful flashes and the constant threat of a teleport.


Still, while playing with the teams, he is very useful by setting up a faux-flank presence with his footsteps, flashing your team in with his unique bounce flash, and breaking out onto the site totally obscured.



Top Duelist Attributes


The duelist agents have their unique style; however, their roles are similar. Most of them have these attributes:





The survival of duelists is enhanced by active movement. This is considered one of the main skills in Valorant as it increases the chances of victory in battles. Raze and Jett's first characteristic are movement abilities.



Control of Map


The duelists' agents have good control over the map. They have the potency to push enemies into specific locations and exploit their weaknesses. They control the map space and enhance engagement in the battlefield.



Team Coordination & Communication


Duelist agents have a specific ability to effectively create space and play positions. Proper coordination ensures teammates get maximum benefit over the enemy.


It is important to communicate these points:


  • When the player enters a location.
  • To give you the highest chance of success, ask for smokes, flashes, recons, etc., before or as you are entering, need to get out of a tight situation, or when aggressing an area.
  • When you want to cancel – this one is very important as it prevents your teammates from wasting their energy.


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It is concluded that by learning the specific abilities of the top Valorant Duelists, gamers can increase their chances of winning the game. Yoru's elusive strategies, Phoenix's blazing presence, and Raze's volatile weapons bring exclusive enjoyment for the players. Moreover, duelist agents have unique movements, map control, and coordination, which is the direct path to success in Valorant’s world.

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