How to Fix Valorant Keep Crashing on Windows PC in Simple Steps [Latest]

How to Fix Valorant Keep Crashing on Windows PC in Simple Steps [Latest]
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There is nothing more annoying than a Valorant game crashing on Windows while playing it. You are enjoying yourself, and then suddenly, you are faced with a message saying that the game has stopped working. This can be incredibly frustrating.


This article is about solving valorant game crashing issues on Windows Computer. If you face game crashing issues on your PC, you must read this article. We will tell you about the possible reason for the game crashing on Windows PC and how to fix it.



Why do games crash?


A game crash is a common problem for any computer. When you boot up your computer, you expect it to work perfectly and work as well as you want it to.




Valorant crashing on your computer? There might be some very obvious reasons or some not-so-obvious reasons. It might just be that your computer is old and needs replacing, or it might be something more serious. Then you can run some tests and try our Valorant Error Fix Guide.



Make sure that your specifications meet the minimum requirements 


Gaming on hardware that can’t meet the minimum technical requirements for Valorant isn’t a good idea. If it crashes, take note of what caused your game to stop working and go online to search for possible solutions.


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You might initially think a simple fix is to upgrade your hardware. Still, if you already have pretty new and powerful components, you might be looking for something else that is causing the issue instead of your PC or laptop!



According to Valorant, these are the system requirements




  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD 3000




  • CPU: Core i5-4460
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: GTX 1050 Ti



Steps To Fix The Game Crash Problem


Here are some helpful tips for you to fix the game crash on your own.



Outdated Drivers


A majority of the computers are affected by out-of-date drivers. Because most computer users often choose not to update their drivers. It's mainly hard to update the drivers, and most computer users don't have time for it.



Hardware Compatibility Issues


In gaming, one of the most important aspects is ensuring that your hardware is compatible with the games you want to play. Especially important for PC gaming, where different hardware configurations can be used. In most cases, the games list the required specifications to play them, but there are times when hardware compatibility issues can arise.




One of the most common causes of hardware compatibility issues is using old graphics cards. While many games will work with the latest graphics cards, some are more graphics card-intensive and require the latest cards to run correctly. It is important to ensure that the game supports the card you are using.


Another common source of hardware compatibility issues is the use of old CPUs. Again, many games require good CPUs, and some are more CPU-intensive and may require more cores to run.



Overheating Issues


There can be many reasons why your PC may be overheating while gaming, but luckily, there are several ways to remedy the issue.


One of the most common causes of overheating is a lack of ventilation. Ensure that your PC is in an area with plenty of fresh air and that no obstructions are blocking the fans and vents.


CPU Overheating Issues Here How To Fix in 2019


If your PC is dusty, you may want to clean it out. Dust can block the fans and vents, preventing the air from circulating correctly and causing the PC to overheat.


Another common cause of overheating is a faulty fan. If the fan on your PC is not working properly, it will not be able to cool the components down, which will result in overheating.




  • Cover your Device After Using
  • Clean CPU AND GPU Fans
  • Change CPU AND GPU Thermal Paste
  • Always Close Unused Programs While Gaming
  • Use Quality Fans


If you have tried all of the above and your PC is still overheating, it may be time to upgrade your hardware. Older PCs may not have the cooling capabilities to handle newer, more powerful games.



Corrupt Game Files


If you run into a situation where a game you've been playing has started giving you errors and not working properly. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if the game is Valorant and you can't seem to find a fix online.


Well, don't worry, I'm here to help. Today, I'll be going over some of the most common game file issues and how to fix them.




The first issue that I'll be discussing is corrupted game files. If you're experiencing this issue, it means that your game's files have been damaged in some way and are no longer working properly. You can try a few things to fix the issue.


One solution is to uninstall and reinstall the game.



Reinstall Valorant and Vanguard


Reinstalling Valorant and vanguard is the only Option. If you have tried everything, I Know you. It Takes Some Time to Reinstall the whole game, but it's worth trying.


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After reinstalling, restart your computer and relaunch the game. This has worked for many, and I hope it will work for you.


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Guide :


  • Go to your Control Panel
  • Click on the Add and Remove Programs
  • Find Valorant and Vanguard
  • Uninstall the Whole Program



Lower (In Game) Graphical Settings


If you are playing Valorant and your computer is running slow, your game is lagging? Lowering your in-game graphical settings may help fix these problems.


To lower your graphical settings, you will need to access your game's settings by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard and selecting the  "Settings" option. This will open a new window to change your graphical and gameplay settings.


Once the settings window is open, you will need to locate the "Graphics" tab. To lower your graphic settings, you can adjust the quality of various graphical features within this tab, such as textures and lighting.


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