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How To Appear Offline to Friends in Valorant

How To Appear Offline to Friends in Valorant
Written by: Mohsin

Riot Games’ Valorant is a 5v5 first-person tactical shooter, and what better way is there to play these FPS games than with friends? Winning in Valorant depends heavily on teamwork, just like many similar games. Good communication and coordination within the team are key aspects of winning and progression in the game. So naturally, one would prefer to play the game with their friends rather than solo queuing. 


But on some occasions, players do not want to be disturbed by their friends and want to avoid queuing with them because, let's face it, friends can be annoying sometimes. But the thing is, who can say no to friends? Because, of course, there is no proper way of telling them that you want to play alone instead of playing with them. Launching the game and being greeted by invites and messages can be a nuisance. Also, sometimes players only open the game to check the items in the store and not actually play. 



This results in players looking for ways to turn invisible in-game and appear offline to their friends in Valorant. But, Riot has not provided a built-in option that allows players to set their status offline when playing the game. Not to worry, because there's still a way to go incognito while playing Valorant, which involves using the third-party program, Deceive.



Appear Offline to Friends in Valorant Using Deceive


Deceive is third-party software that enables users to appear offline to their friends in Valorant. As implied by the name, you can deceive friends into thinking that you are offline and play without them noticing. Deceive allows you to play discreetly by cutting off your connection to Riot’s chat servers. 


Are you using a third-party program? This will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows in Riot's anti-cheat software, Vanguard. Using third-party software to aid your gameplay can sometimes result in a ban, but according to their community, Deceive has no such risks. This claim is supported by the fact that Deceive has been around for some time and has also been used on other Riot titles, such as League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra. This is because the program doesn't interfere with any game files and does not in any way affect Vanguard.




Regardless, as a precautionary measure, it would be wise to keep the program updated to stay compatible with the latest version of Valorant. Since using an outdated version can cause issues and lead to the software not working correctly. With that in mind, here's how you can use Deceive to appear offline to friends in Valorant:


  • First up, download Deceive from its Github page.
  • Once done, Right Click on Deceive.exe and create a Shortcut for the file.  
  • Right Click on the Shortcut and proceed to Properties. 
  • In the “Target” field, type “Valorant” at the end after giving space after “.exe”.
  • Click on “OK” and start the application. 


With this, Deceive is now up and running. After you launch Valorant, you will successfully appear offline to your friends and will be able to play privately without anyone disturbing you. How will you know if Deceive is working? Well, if you see an extra friend in your friend list named “Deceive Active!”, then this means that you are good to go. 


That was it from our side on how to Appear to your friends in Valorant. We hope that you enjoy your private gaming sessions!

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