The Best Cypher Cameras on Ascent

The Best Cypher Cameras on Ascent
Written by: ar1essss
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Cypher is a unique and effective sentinel in VALORANT. Many players like him and often use him in matchmaking and pro matches. Ascent is one of the maps where Cypher feels good. Here you will find the best Cypher cameras for Ascent.





A Site


You must jump from Haven to Generator to launch the next camera on A site. After that, aim at how it shows on the screen and use.



This camera allows checking a bit long, garden and the whole site. Good thing that enemies in the garden don't see this camera, while Cypher can see them.



A Link


If you want to check A Link on Ascent, you should use this camera. 



It allows you to spectate for the whole A Link and Garden.





It's easy to launch the next camera on Ascent. You need to stand by the wall on Pizza before the start of the round, and when it starts, just launch the camera.



It allows Cypher to check the Catwalk and Mid to give the information for his A players.




B Site


The camera on B Site will help you to check the exit from B Main, the boat, and the way to the site.



The advantage of this camera is that it is located at the top. Due to this, it's difficult for enemies to detect it so fast. 



B Aggressive


This camera works if you want to receive information about enemies towards B Site as fast as possible.






When you're on an offensive site, I'd recommend not using the camera instantly at the beginning of the round. Ascent is a map on which the defense often uses abilities at the beginning of the round and acts aggressively.


It will be better to keep the camera on Cypher for a retake or clutch. It will be more effective.

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