The Best KAYO Lineups For Bind

The Best KAYO Lineups For Bind
Written by: Weeii

Kayo is a versatile initiator agent in Valorant, equipped with a powerful set of abilities that can gather information and control the battlefield. One of his key strengths lies in his ability to set up precise lineups, which are pre-determined locations where his abilities will land. These lineups can be used to clear out areas, gather information, and even secure kills.


There are many different KAY/O lineups that can be used on various maps in Valorant, each with its own specific purpose and application. Today we will demonstrate the best lineups for each key location on the map Bind that will enable you to utilize his kit to the maximum of its ability and ensure the highest chances of winning. 


These lineups will cover all the important aspects such as attacking, defending, and even retaking. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out on the agent, this guide will be a step up and great help for your gameplay on Kayo while playing Bind



Kayo Knife Lineups - Attacking Side 


While initiators are often associated with duelists, they play in a completely different way and adapt various possibilities than what a duelist player would. He is classified as a flasher initiator, meaning that you as a KAY/O need to assist the duelist’s entry, that can be by using precise flash lineups or even suppressing enemies with good knife spots that will help gather information and assist the execute. Here’s how you can utilize Kayo's lineups on attack:


Starting on A site, the most important part to take control of is Lamps as in Bind you’ll need that area control or you’ll end up being sandwiched by the defender’s retake and lose control rather quickly. This knife suppresses anyone playing there which can be the smoker or the sentinel of the site giving you the advantage when executing A. 


To do it, it’s very simple and quick. Stand here and throw your knife straight at the wall of lamps. 


When you’re attacking B from hookah, it is pretty overwhelming as you can get countered with an aggressive play, this knife will reveal and suppress everyone in Hookah making it a lot more efficient for you to walk up on Hookah. 


To do it, you can safely stand in this corner and as soon as the barrier drops down throw your knife at the corner aimed here just as shown in the picture. 


If you’re looking to execute B site in itself, this will be your go-to lineup. It lands on the wall next to elbow and reveals everyone in Elbow and site. 


To do it, come against the water fountain on B long and align the logo of your knife with the spot shown in the picture and then throw your knife. 

Kayo Knife Lineups - Defending Side

It might not seem inevitably clear how important an initiator like Kayo is on defense, but the reality is you play a key part in winning even defensive sides. Utilizing his ability kit to gather as much information as you can on the attacking team’s positioning and moves can be the game changer and lead to victory. Here are the best lineups to defend and gather early information and suppress enemies with Kayo:


To defend A site, we will demonstrate a perfect lineup to cover showers. As for short, you can just throw your knife directly against the corner and that’ll take care of everyone on A lobby. But showers, especially the in the New Bind can be very tricky to get a hold of. 


To do it, come agains the corner on the container of Default and line up the bottom of your ultimate logo with the antenna as shown in the picture and then throw your knife. It’ll take approximately 5 seconds to land. 


Into B site, it’s often overwhelming to deal with fast executes coming from Hookah’s side especially when there’s a jett or a raze dashing/satchling out of there. This knife will suppress their ability to enter and open up site. 


To do it, come over to this corner and as soon as you hear them heavily stepping closer throw your knife at that corner, which will reveal the entirety of hookah and the lobby around. 

Kayo Knife Lineups - Retakes 


Retaking is a part of playing defense, but it reverses the roles as after you’ve lost site it’s almost like you’re attacking to open site again. With that, you need proper lineups and knowledge to corner attackers and ensure your team gets the lead when it comes to positions and info. Here are the best retaking lineups for Kayo:


Retaking A is very difficult but it’ll be made easy with this lineup that will reveal all of lamps and around it. 


To do it, come over to this corner on A heaven and throw your knife, it’ll land quickly and reveal everyone. It’s also probably undestroyable unless attackers pushed closer to CT. 


Here are two ways you can use a retake knife on B site from elbow, with the new changes on bind you can be very versatile with your choice of lineups. 


To do it, come over to this corner on Elbow and either throw your knife off that window or against the wall under depending on where you want to suppress/reveal enemies. 


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