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Can You Play Valorant On Console?

Can You Play Valorant On Console?
Written by: Shizza
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Released in 2020, Valorant was something different compared to the Battle Royales that are famous nowadays. It became one of the best and most popular PC games in no time, and people were thrilled to play a game that really challenged their skills.


Playing this game, we can see why Riot Games’ 5v5 first-person shooter continues to be such a success. Valorant has completely reshaped the FPS genre with its exciting features and abilities. The graphics of this game are impeccable and completely complement the audio as well.


The Ultimate Valorant

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Moreover, this game features eight different maps, each more exciting than the last. It also consists of six exciting modes that are both challenging and fun! The players couldn’t wait for the game’s release and were hooked from the moment it came out.


However, since this game is PC exclusive, the console players are slightly bummed about it. They are eager to play this game and are wondering when this team-based shooter will arrive on consoles so they can also jump in on the action.


If you are one of the console players and have been wondering the same, check out this article where we discuss its release on consoles!



Is Valorant Coming To Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch?


As of the moment, Valorant hasn’t announced anything officially about the release of the game on consoles. However, there have been many leaks to give us a hint about the situation on that front.


In June 2020, Riot announced that they are testing a console version of Valorant but didn’t confirm anything as the developer believes that “there’s a way to experience this game that we’re not entirely sure translates completely to console play.”


Riot’s job postings, especially about the development of Valorant’s console version, suggest that things have been progressing well. Hence, it is likely that the game will release on both PlayStation and Xbox. The most crucial question now is when the game will arrive on consoles.



As of October 2022, we do not have an official release date yet, as Riot hasn’t revealed any official news about the console’s release. However, it is clear that Riot Games plan to expand its brand and business across all platforms.


Moreover, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 surprised everyone with the announcement that Riot Games’ titles were coming to Xbox Game Pass. This means that Valorant will be coming to Xbox soon, so Xbox players can get excited about that!


Aside from getting the opportunity to play on a console, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also get instant access to 18 agents from the beginning, so you won’t have to work twice as hard on unlocking them. They will also get access to any new agents that are inevitably added from day one.


On 9th August 2022, community leaker valorantleaksEN shared a screenshot of new icons for PlayStation 4, and Xbox controls that Riot Games had added to the Valorant files after the 5.03 update. This leak further hints at the fact that fans will get to play the shooter on both Xbox and PlayStation in the future.


However, regarding the Nintendo Switch, both leaks and additional information are close to none on whether Valorant will be available on the portable system.

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