Riot Games Granting All Valorant Players Free Duality Card

Riot Games Granting All Valorant Players Free Duality Card
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Riot Games’ Valorant was an incredible take on the FPS genre and was enjoyed by many players who instantly became fans. However, like all video games, Valorant is not perfect, but the features, modes, and maps within the map make up for it.


With the release of the Duality Cinematic trailer, Riot Games also released the Duality Player Banner. However, there were some technical issues that prevented players from redeeming the Duality Player Card. Due to this, Riot Games decided to give the Card to every Valorant player for free.



A week before this, during the Valorant Championship Tour: Masters 2 Reykjavik Finale between the Sentinels and Fnatic, the developers of the game released the Duality cinematic clip that dived deeper into the backstory of the game and the Valorant lore.


The Duality Player Card could only be obtained within 48 hours of redeeming the code on the game's website. But, as a result of some unprecedented traffic, the website crashed several times, and the players faced technical issues and were unable to redeem the code in the given time.


To compensate for the technical issues, Riot extended the redemption period. However, even after this, the players continued to face several problems. That is when Riot announced that they had finally concluded that the Duality Player Card would be added to everyone’s inventory whether they have redeemed the code or not. 



About The Duality Player Card


Valorant released the Duality Player Card to commemorate the story that the Duality Cinematic told, released in May 2021. Through this cinematic, Riot Games confirmed the existence of the mirror world and how it affects the storyline.


The concept of duality in Valorant states that every agent affected by the First Light has their own alter ego in another world. There is an unknown motive behind these alter ego attacks, which remains a mystery.


After the introduction of Agent Chamber, this theory gets more complicated as he has seemingly no idea as to what is going on. Through various stories, these facts about the agent came to light and hinted at something big coming for the agents in Valorant.



In the wake of Neon's introduction in Episode 4, this story saw some more revelations in the form of a cinematic. Neon is known to have electric-based powers, and the splash screen of Episode 4 Act 1 hints that she might be the key to unraveling the secrets of the mirror dimension, according to some previously disclosed information.


Making this one of the most interesting items to exist in Valorant for its lore characteristics, the Duality card was made with these things in mind as agents can be seen looking at another world in the player card.



Can You Claim The Duality Card In 2022?


Unfortunately, Riot decided to keep the Duality Card free for some time, but now there is no way for players to get their hands on it. However, there is a high chance that this item could make a return if the developers at Riot Games decide to roll out another item drop for it.


Then again, the chances are very slim since Riot Games practically gave them away for free to all players.

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