Valorant Maps - Everything You Need To Know About Them

Valorant Maps - Everything You Need To Know About Them
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Valorant is a unique game in the FPS genre that was created by Riot Games and gained fans quickly upon release. However, it is PC exclusive, but that did not stop console players from getting their hands on Valorant and joining in on the action.


The game consists of six different modes, and each will keep you on the edge of your seat! It also features eight unique maps that challenge your skills on several levels. In all of these maps, there are two teams of five players, Defenders, and Attackers.



The Attackers are supposed to plant the Spike, whereas the Defenders are supposed to defend the bomb and prevent it from exploding. An explosion of the spike will lead to the Attackers emerging victorious, but if they don't manage to do this within 40 seconds, the Defenders win.


The eight playable maps are called Bind, Haven, Ascent, Split, Icebox, Pearl, Fracture, and Breeze. Furthermore, there is also a Shooting Range where you can sharpen your aim and practice simulated situations like planting a Spike.


This article will discuss everything about the maps and their points of interest. So, let’s get into it!



All Valorant Maps


Here is everything about the eight maps present in Valorant:



1. Ascent



Ascent was the first map added to Valorant following its release in June 2020 and is located in Venice, Italy. Landmarks from the city can be noticed when playing, such as the Basilica of St. Mark and the Campanile of St. Mark.


Consisting of wide-open space, the Italian map features a large courtyard and sliding, destructible doors that can cut off rotations. The courtyard offers a shortcut to the sides of the map, but this path can be risky since it doesn’t contain much cover.



Ascent is an open playground for small wars for positioning and controlled fighting between the two teams. Team up with your friends and try out this simple and exciting map!



2. Haven



Located in Thimpu, Bhutan, the Haven map was released in April 2020 in the Beta Version of Valorant. Haven is the only three-map-site in Valorant as of yet, breaking away from the norm of having just two sites.


This makes an interesting play for both sides, especially the Defenders, who can spread their resources among three sites. With the central shrine marking the B bomb site, the map is set deep in a monastery in Bhutan.


Site B is accessible through a window that leads to an outdoor courtyard which leads to a set of doors called “Garage,” allowing Attackers to wrap around to Site B. Garage acts as a connector to Site C, so Attackers that make it through can threaten and attack both B and C.


The A and C sites are on either side, with plenty of long sightlines, making it hard for Attackers to push up without proper utility. Moreover, the two ultimate orbs can be found at both Site A and Site C.



3. Bind



Rabat, Morocco, is the location of the Bind map, which was also released as part of Valorant Beta in April 2020. Set in dusty Morocco, Bind features teleporters that allow players to easily rotate from one site to another.



However, these teleporters are only one-way and teleport you to the same locations making them prime spots for easy picks or easy targets. There is also no “Mid,” with the teleporter between A and B taking up that chunk of the map.


This mechanic forces the Attackers to push through either A or B Short and make a long rotation (with or without teleporters) in case they decide to switch things up.



4. Split



Set in Tokyo, Japan, at a high-speed railway station, Split features plenty of verticality and ziplines, making it challenging for Attackers to push onto either side. This map is one of Valorant’s most one-sided maps that heavily favors the defense.


Several small choke points around the map make explosive utility like Raze’s grenades or Viper’s Snakebite very dynamic tools. This map consists of a pair of sites split by an elevated center, allowing rapid movement using two rope ascenders.


Each site is built with a looming tower that is vital for control in Split, so remember to watch above before it all blows sky-high. The ultimate orbs can be found at A main and within B main, also known as Garage.



Unfortunately, with the release of Pearl, Riot has removed Split from the active map pool which means that you cannot play on this map in any of the current game modes.



5. Fracture



Fracture was released in the 3.05 Patch in Episode 3 Act 2 of Valorant and is located in New Mexico, USA. This map features a top-secret research facility that was split apart by a failed radianite experiment.


This map is yet another incredible experimental take on the traditional tactical FPS genre. It allows Attackers to rotate from one side of the match to another with two split spawns and an underground zipline.


Your options as a Defender are as divided as the map, so it's up to you whether you want to meet the Attackers on their turf or batten down the hatches to survive the assault. Each bomb site is on opposite sides of the map, so Defenders must put up large defenses as it is a long way to rotate between the two.


The name of this map was inspired by the fact that there is a “fracture” running between the map. Fracture has various potential strategies for both Defenders and Attackers since there are more entry points, checkpoints, and pathways to bombsites than on the other maps.


Agents like Viper, Jett, Killjoy, Breach, and Chamber are suitable choices to play as in this map since their utility and ability to control sections of the map are greater compared to the other agents.



6. Breeze



Breeze is located in the Atlantic Ocean and was released in Episode 2 Act 3 of Valorant. Feel free to take in the sight of the historic ruins or seaside caves in this tropical paradise. However, there is a Valorant game to be played first, so bring some cover with you!



It will come in handy for wide open spaces and long-range engagements, so watch your flanks, and this game will be a Breeze! The map features two really large bombsites and many ways to approach them such as big chokes or tiny corridors and halls.


It's also worth pointing out that lurkers might be caught off guard by a "Vent" rotate between the A Site and Mid. Hence, Agents like I.E Cypher and Chamber do well here since they are well-equipped at watching and managing flanks.


Moreover, Breeze is one of the largest maps in size and features some of the biggest sites in Valorant. It consists of verticality with ropes and second floors, along with a one-way drop door.



7. Icebox



This map is located on Bennett Island, Russia, and was released in Act 3 of Valorant. Your next battleground is a secret Kingdom excavation site that was overtaken by the Arctic.


The freezing Icebox, set in the cold tundras of Northern Russia, has several interesting angles for both the Attackers and the Defenders as a credit to the shipping containers lying around. It takes some horizontal finesse to operate the two plant sites that are protected by snow and metal.


Playing this map can be like navigating through a maze at times, especially while pushing onto Site A. Despite all the shipping containers lying around, there are no places to hide due to the horizontal ziplines to rush onto Site A and a wide open area making for big gun fights on B.



Once you learn to take advantage of the ziplines to your fullest, your opponents will never see you coming and won’t know what hit them!



8. Pearl



Pearl map was released in June 2022 in Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant and is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This map is the first traditional map in Valorant that does not feature any gameplay-related elements or mechanical hooks.


On this two-site map set in a vibrant, underwater city, Attackers push down into the Defenders. Pearl is a well-connected map that allows players to choose between fighting in the mid-region or across the long-range wings that are spread throughout the map.

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