4 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners

4 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners
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Valorant is an online video game released in the summer of 2020 by GamePlay. Barely two years later, it has become one of the most popular games.


The game does not show any signs of reducing its speed as far as popularity goes. Hence, there is an assurance of new players. And with that, a new learning curve is always expected.


One good thing about the Valorant learning curve is that it’s not steep.


However, some Valorant agents can be learned much faster.  They are not as hard as more advanced characters.


If you are a beginner, it’s essential to find the right agent. You want something not overly complex to help you learn more about the game.


There are many agents. But here, we will look at four of the best Valorant agents you can begin to learn right away. Before you start, get yourself a great gaming mouse.






Our first agent here is Reyna. She is one of the best agents any beginner will want to try.

Playing Valorant may take only three steps, flash, devour and repeat. Such an agent is friendly for beginners.


Reyna offers the most basic ability kit in the entire game for many.  Apart from that, it has been designed specifically for newbies.


Reyna has a flash called Leer. It has generally received more criticism than other binds. One reason for this is that the flash is breakable.


However, you will discover it has been underrated in its criminal abilities. When deploying, it can peek right, forcing a retreat from players.


Keep fire in the eye. Or try winning a duel blind. When playing against other players, a beginner can easily win any of these choices. Breaking your eye alone can reveal where your opponent is hiding.


Most players love Reyna’s devour. She charges perfectly for beginners,  letting them choose to heal or to flee after a win.


It’s all about letting you learn the game and become a better player.  She can teach you when you push or peek. And also get a chance to recover from aggressive action.


Your aim should be to build confidence. Reyna is an agent that will give you that. She rewards players with every kill.


While it might not be the most viable agent in a team, she is recommended for new players. So, get your new mouse and try it out today.





Omen is one of the most popular choices for most gamers. It’s one of the most basic Valorant agents in the game right now.


Ask even most professional players, and they will confess to starting with Omen. Players like Ethan from 100 Thieves recommend this agent. They started with it after shifting from CS: GO.


Omen is a very useful agent for any team and any map. Apart from that, he is the easiest for those who need a simple controller agent.


All controller agents using smokes are pretty easy to deploy. That includes Omen. He will deploy the smokes one after another, very precisely.


The agent even uses an arrow when placing smokes. Aside from that, the smoke recharges with time. His teleport is short-distance, and the blind is quite nice.


The whole Omen ability kit is designed for the beginner level. It promises players some escapability, more than any other controller would. This makes it easy to learn and even easier to play with.


His blind (Paranoia) will leave the enemy nearsighted for a long time. Omen will then have a few seconds advantage. He can kill or two or escape.


Omen’s teleport (Shadow Walk) is also that good.  It allows the player to swap hiding spots for a better place.


The teleport can create a great surprise if you are playing against other new players. You can also cancel out safely if you fall into a group of enemies.






Phoenix comes with an ability kit that creates many opportunities for players. It gives you protection against flanks and rotations. It also comes with healing capabilities.


This is one Valorant agent that comes fully equipped. It has every tool to improve your gaming experience.


Besides, it’s pretty basic to learn. You will master and be ready to play within a short time. It’s a great agent when you want to blind the enemy or re-energize after some crazy action.


The Curveball flash on Phoenix is pretty basic. Unlike Reyna’s, it is indestructible. Also, it’s not easy to avoid.


He has a Blaze wall that allows them to change angles as they move forward. Use it to peek or slow down retakers.


Another feature is the Hot Hands. It offers multiple uses. You can use it to choke off entry points, go after hiding opponents, or for healing.


These are some of the tools every beginner needs to have.  The ability to close down some angles that leave you vulnerable is crucial.


Learn to use Hot Hands and Blaze. These are incredible skills that will keep you out of trouble. The biggest challenge is learning how to pop the ultimate.






Here is another Valorant agent suitable for beginners, Sage. Valorant is one game that can easily overwhelm players at any level. For instance, things can get hot when the whole team is rushing into the area you are holding.


If you are new to the game and need a solution here, go with Sage. Her ability kit is excellent for catching some breath and avoiding a rush.  She is one of the most useful agents for the whole team.


Sage uses a Barrier wall and Slow orbs to stop and slot down rushes. This can give players time to retreat into safe zones. This also lets your teammates rotate easily.


She comes with a Heal, which is very useful if you play more passively before friendly forces. However, be careful not to get tunnel vision during the healing process. This can expose you to the enemy.


Sage has some cool tricks that you can learn over time. For example, she can jump over the rising wall to peek quickly. Or, you can rotate and stick it in a small corridor just to annoy your opponent.


Just don’t focus too much on healing and resurrecting. They may stress you for nothing.


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