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How to Remake In Valorant Guide

How to Remake In Valorant Guide
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

In this guide, you will know how to remake the match in Valorant. This will help you in case your teammate left the game too early, and also, most likely, will save you from defeat.




Match remake was added in VALORANT with patch 1.07, which was published in September 2020. When a match begins with a 4v5 (or more lopsided teams), players will now have the option to end the game they’re in and queue for a new one. How to do this?



How to Remake in Valorant

A step-by-step guide:

  1. First, open the chat.
  2. Then write in the team chat:/remake.
  3. If you initiate the voting, you don’t need to vote, it's automatic.
  4. If another player starts the voting, you will need to press F5.
  5. In a case when all players voted "Yes", the match will be remade.


In the event that the voting was successful, and the match was canceled, then all the players who voted will not XP, and their MMR will not change. Also, a canceled match will not show up in your match history. Those players who leave the match will not receive experience, their MMR will be removed from them, and they will receive a leaver penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match.


This function is very cool and helps players to enjoy the game because when your team is playing from the beginning 4vs5, it's so difficult.


How to Surrender in Valorant


If you're playing a match in Valorant where you just have to jump out of it, whether it's due to excessive ping, AFK teammates, or opponent smurfs. A good way of doing it is by forfeiting the match. To learn how to do this you can check our How to Surrender or Forfeit in Valorant guide.

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