Tips And Tricks For Sova In Valorant

Tips And Tricks For Sova In Valorant
Written by: Shizza

Most Initiator Agents’ abilities concentrate on starting combats with flashes based on information. However, Sova is slightly different because his arrow abilities mostly receive information about the enemies’ position. 


Valorant’s recon master, Sova, consists of a well-rounded lineup of abilities that support his savage knack for precision. These abilities also allow him to be the most dangerous and deadly Agent to enter into the Future Earth.


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Sova is among the most lethal Agents in Valorant and is one of the best choices a player can make. There is more to the Russian recon than what meets the eye, so to help you master this Agent, we have compiled the best Sova tips and tricks in Valorant. Here we go!



Sova’s Abilities And Their Tips And Tricks


Sova’s abilities can prove to be fatal when they are used perfectly. They are best suitable for players who are more into being agile on both Attack and Defense. As an Initiator, his trustworthy bow and arrow can instantly change the course of a round.


All four of Sova’s abilities are as follows:



Owl Drone – C Ability (400 Creds)


Players can equip an Owl Drone, which, when fired, allows them to deploy a pilotable drone. The drone can fire a dart which will reveal the location of any enemy who was hit by the dart.


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Tips And Tricks


  • Many players control Sova’s Owl Drone with their computer mice. However, going upwards and downwards can be pretty difficult that way. So, to simplify, players can use Space to go upwards and CTRL to move downwards. This will minimize your chances of swaying your aim from the enemy and make it much easier to track and shoot your enemies.


  • When using the Owl, Sova stands really still, it is necessary to ensure that players are in a safe area of the map before they activate the drone.



  • Clearing camping spots is another tip players must follow with Sova’s Owl Drone. Do not directly jump in and fly the drone to check for opponents on-site. Before that, sway your aim right and left around corners and check if anyone is camping. After that, as they must reposition, it will be easier to defeat them.


  • Having your team member follow your drone a few steps behind is usually a great idea. In case an enemy decides to attack the drone, they will not be prepared for your teammate who walks in behind it.


The tips and tricks mentioned above for Sova’s Owl Drone are basic gameplay knowledge but are usually overlooked. Vulnerable corners and controlling your drone are crucial parts, especially in lower ranks. So, remember this, practice in Valorant, and you are good to go!



Shock Dart – Q Ability (150 Creds)


Players can equip a bow with a shock bolt in it and fire it to send an explosive bolt forward, emitting a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact and affecting the players nearby. You can also hold fire to extend the projectile’s range and alternate fire to add about two bounces to the arrow.


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Tips And Tricks


  • The Shock Dart does more damage than one would expect, but it still is not enough to kill a player with full health. So, players should refrain from using it as a weapon replacement. Instead, it is best to use the arrow to deplete health of enemies from far away rather than directly fighting them.



  • In case you are weary of lineups but still wish to do amazing Shock Dart outplays, you can aim high above the Spike and shoot your darts when attacking. Later on, enemies will be hit by your darts when they try to defuse the Spike. This will defeat them, make the Spike explode, and will eventually cause you to win the round.


  • Sova’s Shock Bolt is excellent at clearing areas players cannot see. In case you are moving toward a site, the simplest thing you can do is think about where you would stand if you were trying to defend the site. Once you get the answer, shoot an arrow at that specific location.


  • Lastly, players should start learning Sova Shock Dart lineups, and it is best that players make their own lineups in custom games.


The Shock Dart is among the hardest abilities to master in Valorant. However, with these Sova tricks and some practice, you will be able to master the ability in no time. It makes it extremely easy for the enemy team to defeat you when you simply aim the Shock Darts down narrow corridors, but trick shots and lineups are the secret answer to mastering this ability.



Recon Bolt – Signature Ability (Free, 40s Cooldown)


Through this ability, players can equip a bow with a recon bolt and fire it, sending the recon bolt forward. The bolt activates after collision and reveals the location of enemies that are visible within the line of sight of the bolt. Unfortunately, enemies have the ability to destroy this bolt.


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Tips And Tricks


  • The Recon Bolt has the ability to bounce up to two times through the alternate fire, meaning that players can bounce it off of walls to reach areas that might be unsafe to fire it directly into.


  • Players can calculate the overall area where the Recon Bolt might land by being aware of the angles and corridors’ walls or checking the minimap. The Recon Bolt will position across the wall you were aiming for with 1 Bounce. With 2 bounces, players can strive to insert the Recon Bolt into a distant door or corridor that is hidden.



  • The Recon Bolt ability cannot see players through walls, so you can take advantage of this, ensuring that the area you want to be revealed is within the arrow’s line of sight.


  • Players can use this ability several times in a single round as it recharges after a brief period of time.


  • Similar to Shock Dart, players can also learn lineups with Sova’s Recon Bolt. They can be learned online or created in a custom game since Recon Bolt lineups are not as challenging to master as the Shock Darts. For this reason, players can create lineups by themselves, and the best way to do that is by bouncing the Recon Dart.


Depending on the players, the Recon Bolt lineups can also be created in custom games with bounces. Now that you are aware of it, you can use this Sova ability with 1 and 2 bounces efficiently, especially from distant areas. Combine this knowledge with some Sova Ascent Shock Darts, and you will become unstoppable!



Hunter’s Fury – Ultimate Ability (8 Points)


The Ultimate Ability allows players to release an energy blast in a line in front of Sova when fired. Every enemy the ability hits takes massive damage and reveals the location of enemies that appear in its line. This ability can be used again once or twice more while the timer for the ability is active.


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Tips And Tricks


  • Hunter’s Fury can be excellent for getting a kill, but it is even better for denying an area. If you know the enemy players are attempting to come out of a door, the Ultimate can stop them from getting out while your team advances. What is even better is that if you plant the Spike, you can equip Hunter’s Fury to stop the enemy team from defusing while you are standing a safe distance away.


  • While Hunter’s Fury is equipped, players can see a preview of where it might go on the minimap. It can go through walls, but players still have to ensure that the shot’s height is right. Before firing, try to keep in mind the parts of the map which are elevated and which are not.



  • In normal circumstances, players will use Hunter’s Fury to defeat enemies hiding behind walls. One thing most players do not know about Sova’s Ultimate is that players can jump really high when it is active. Not only that, but if they jump and shoot the Ultimate directly below them, Sova is capable of going even higher! Players should use this to their advantage and climb on high objects around the maps to play off-angles.
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