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How To Get The Flower Crosshair In VALORANT

How To Get The Flower Crosshair In VALORANT
Written by: Shizza
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Players are allowed to customize several features according to their preferences in Valorant, such as their crosshair settings. Crosshairs are a crucial part of any FPS game since they can help players improve their shooting accuracy.


Players have the choice to customize the length, thickness, and opacity of their crosshairs as they wish from the settings. You can get different types of crosshairs ranging from circular ones to dots, of your choice, simply by adjusting the settings.


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Furthermore, the addition of crosshair profiles in patch 3.03 has made it far easier for players to experiment and save multiple crosshair settings in Valorant. To make some one-of-a-kind crosshairs, you can also try out their creativity.


By customizing the settings in Valorant, you can also make flower crosshairs which are a mixture of a circular and a square dot crosshair. Following are some of the settings you can modify to change your normal crosshair into a flower crosshair in Valorant.



Settings In Valorant For A Flower Crosshair



Firstly, players must head to the General Settings in order to get the Flower Crosshair. Once there, they should click on the Crosshairs tab. They can adjust the inner lines, center dot, outer lines, and more to get the crosshair of their choice.



If you want to make a flower crosshair for yourself, then for that, you must follow the settings given below:



Crosshair color: - Green Yellow (Players can pick any other color of their choice)


Outlines: On


Outline Opacity: 1


Outline Thickness: 1


Center Dot: On


Center Dot Opacity: 1


Center Dot Thickness: 4



Inner Lines



Show Inner Lines: On


Inner Line Opacity: 0


Inner Line Length: 3


Inner Line Thickness: 8


Inner Line Offset: 2



Outer Lines



Show Outer Lines: On


Outer Line Opacity: 0


Outer Line Length: 3


Outer Line Thickness: 2


Outer Line Offset: 3


Aside from the settings given above, players are also free to go ahead and experiment with new crosshairs by adjusting the settings. However, it is highly recommended that players stick to their comfort zones, meaning they should stick to the crosshairs they feel comfortable playing with.



This is because crosshairs affect a player’s aim accuracy in the game, even when they use different crosshair settings.

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