Most Used Mice By Pros In VCT Tokyo

Most Used Mice By Pros In VCT Tokyo
Written by: Weeii

Most Used Mice By Pros In VCT Tokyo


When it comes to gaming peripherals in the Esports scene, choosing a good mouse can be detrimental as it is easily one of the most essential choices you must pick when you’re putting together your setup. 


That being said, choosing a mouse is completely up to preference and has nothing to do with what other professional players use or choose to play with. Although, these few mice that you will see on this list are commonly used among pros for a good reason: their quality and excellence, especially for a field like Esports.




Continuing to dominate as one of the most used mice among all valorant and even CSGO professionals is the Logitech X Superlight. In VCT Tokyo, you will see it quite often, the nearest example would be NRG s0m. 



Into a new untraditional choice by the upcoming young talent Demon1 from Evil Geniuses is the mouse G-Wolves Hati S Plus 4k. It stands out as it holds up new technology allowing it to have a polling rate of 4000 Hz instead of the casual 1000.


As the trend of ergonomic mice is launching comes the incredible Razer Deathadder V3 Pro which you can see in between the hands of many professional such as NAVI Angel in the latest VCT Tokyo match.

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