Tips And Tricks For Phoenix In Valorant

Tips And Tricks For Phoenix In Valorant
Written by: Shizza

Valorant’s Duelist, Phoenix, is the perfect option for players who might want to play with some friendly beginner Agents. Aside from healing you, the Agent’s abilities are quite easy to understand and are capable of changing the outcome of a match in an instant.


The Duelist’s utility will prove to be useful on both Attack as well as Defense. The only problem that arises is how one can use them correctly, as that can be a bit of a challenge. Phoenix is among the simplest and easiest Agents that players could choose for a match, but his abilities can prove to be quite complex and confusing for players.



To help you better understand the Agent and to properly use his abilities to the best of your advantage, we have put together this article. Learning some of these top tips and tricks, practicing them, and implementing them into your game is sure to make you a pro at playing Phoenix. Here we go!



Phoenix’s Abilities And Their Tips And Tricks



Blaze – C Ability


Phoenix’s Blaze is an ability that creates a wall of fire that blocks a player’s vision. When a player passes through this wall, deal damage to them, including enemies as well as allies. However, when Phoenix touches the wall or passes through it, it helps him to heal.


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The impressive quality about this ability is that it can be curved by holding down the mouse button (or whatever a player’s bind is for activating abilities) then it will follow the direction of your crosshair.


Tips And Tricks


  • The Blaze ability alone will not go through walls. However, Phoenix can use his ability through that specific hole if there is a small opening, hole, or window in the wall. An ideal example would be using the Agent’s Blaze Wall through Ascent’s B-site windows. This trick is helpful as it helps players to safely close off an area if they wish to do so. Keep an eye out for windows and small openings in the walls when you are playing Phoenix, as being close to the enemies with the sole purpose of using your wall can bring you trouble.



  • As the Blaze wall can be curved as it moves outwards, players can turn rapidly while it is casting to create a pocket of space hidden from view, almost a full circle. This trick can be used to surround the bomb while players attempt to defuse it or fake defusing it. Players can also use it to hide a space on a bombsite for them to get a safe plant down without the enemies knowing.


  • After casting the wall, hold down C to slightly bend its direction, as it can be helpful while using the wall for entry to block vision from major angles.


  • Players should make sure to look over objects such as walls and boxes when casting Phoenix’s Blaze. If players are looking at the object, Blaze will only travel up to that specific object. However, if you look over the object, Blaze will continue above and beyond the object. This is perfect for creating a temporary wall in front of your enemies without leaving your cover.



Curveball – Q Ability


Curveball, also referred to as a flash, must be equipped before casting. After casting, Phoenix will throw a flare orb that will detonate after a set amount of time. Similar to other flashes, Curveball blinds anything in its line of sight.


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However, its impact can be reduced depending on the distance and direction the affected person is facing.


Tips And Tricks


  • A way for players to not flash themselves with the Curveball is by aiming it higher. You should wait for a second until the flash pops, then peek around the corner you have flashed. Even if you instantly peeked with the flash, you will just get blinded a little bit as you are not looking directly at the Curveball.



Although it is a great tip, be careful of when and how you use it on any Valorant map. In case a team member is already viewing the angle you want to flash, then you should not go for the Curveball as you will only end up blinding your team, which will give the enemies a good chance at defeating you.


  • While throwing the Curveball, players should get used to aiming above the enemies’ heads. Often, this will make them look either up or down to avoid it. If the enemy looks up and ends up getting blinded, they will barely have a chance of getting you in their crosshairs as you come around the corner. This will greatly lessen your chances of being defeated.


  • Instead of flashing around the corner toward your enemy, throw the Curveball the other way. Due to the fact that the flash is thrown behind you but in direct sight of the enemy, this will give you a better chance to peek at them more quickly. You are flashed for barely a second compared to the enemy as it is thrown behind. However, the enemy is forced to look away or get flashed for 2+ seconds.


  • The enemy will have the advantage of being able to dodge the flash and shoot before you pull your gun out if you stand close to a corner when flashing, as it creates a longer arc. Players should stand back at the maximum distance before the flash pops around a corner, lowering the amount of time an enemy can react to the flash and making it extremely difficult for them to turn away.



Hot Hands – E Ability


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Hot Hands is Phoenix’s Signature Ability, and with it, he can throw a fireball that detonates after a short delay or when it touches the ground. Phoenix heals when he stands within the radius of the fireball, whereas his enemies deal damage to the enemies.


Tips And Tricks


  • Players can create immediate Phoenix Hot Hands lineups without learning them to damage the enemies. Firstly, you should look at the minimap and will notice a circle around you when walking. In case you aim higher than a headshot level, run and use Hot Hands. A fireball will land on the line of the circle where you were aiming.



  • Phoenix’s Signature Ability is also a great ability to flush enemies out of cover. Neither will it kill an enemy at full health, nor will you hear it burn them. However, like Sova’s Shock Bolt, it often causes enemies to panic and run out of the spot they are hiding behind.


  • This ability is usually used to heal Phoenix back up when he has been damaged. In this way, the Agent can close off whole areas and scare the enemy team into entering a site. In post-plant situations, you can also use this Phoenix lineup trick to climb ranks quickly.


  • Hot Hands will always fall directly on the ground after a fixed time in the air. The Hot Hands range of Phoenix will always be in the same range as the minimap's movement sound range as you move forward.



Run It Back – X Ability (Phoenix’s Ultimate)


Phoenix’s Run It Back Ability is his Ultimate, and after using it, he will place a marker at his current location. After this, his body will be outlined with flames. In case Phoenix is killed within the ability’s duration, or after the duration expires, Phoenix’s body immediately dissipates, and he gets teleported back to the dropped mark.


2022 12 24_6


This ability allows Phoenix to run in, kill and do as much damage as he can before dying. However, this time he gets the chance to live again and rejoin his team for a second time.


Tips And Tricks


  • If you know that the enemy is close, try to cast the ultimate further back and around the corner. By doing so, you'll be able to prevent the enemies from pushing your marked location and killing you again.



  • With Phoenix’s ult, one must check corners and try to get as many kills as they can with it. Although when used in the wrong place, an enemy might wait and backstab you until the timer finishes. So, try using Run It Back in secure places.


  • While Run It Back, players should try to push as far as possible and close clear corners. This allows one to gain plenty of space for your team and hence, better control of the site. Once it is about to expire, throw Hot Hands on enemy entry points to prevent the counter push.


  • This Ultimate is the ideal way to gain intel and maybe take down a few enemies without you losing yours in the process. However, do not run in with guns firing and blazing, as you will only end up wasting the ability and gathering little to no information. A good trick is to use the ultimate to peek with one of your teammates. You take a point and peek first, and if you are killed while your Ultimate is active, your teammate can trade a kill for free.


  • This trick is on how players can use the old teleporter fake, and Valorant Phoenix guides are incomplete without them. Cast Run It Back instantly before going through a teleporter, as doing this will trick your enemies into thinking you have teleported across the map. Which you have, but only until you respawn. This is an excellent trick to gather information and confuse your enemies.
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