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Best Sova Ultimate Spots On Sunset

Best Sova Ultimate Spots On Sunset
Written by: Weeii

This one is to all of you Sova mains. This recon master is a game-changer when it comes to gathering intel for your team. But let's be real, hitting that perfect "Hunter's Fury" can often be the difference between bragging rights and a facepalm moment. The joy of eliminating enemies through walls is unmatchable.


But where do you fire that thing? Randomly, hoping to hit someone by pure luck? Nope, you're better than that. Knowing the best spots to unleash your ultimate can take you from a good Sova to a great one. So buckle up, because we're about to dive deep into the art of mastering Sova's ultimate ability, covering those juicy spots that'll make your opponents wonder if you've got eyes everywhere. Here is how you can master Sova on Sunset:


Sova Best Ultimate Spots 


When we talk about utilizing your ultimate perfectly, we mean for all situations at any given time. In this guide, you will find the best spots for your ult whether you’re attacking, defending, retaking, or retaining a post-plant position. Using these spots and following our pro instructions, you will be a fearful Sova main: 



A Default



What Does It Cover: This ultimate on A site, will help you clear and enter it as smooth as it can get. Clearing site behind the boxes and hitting anyone playing deep elbow, you are set to take your duelists on a treat.

When To Use It: Best used during hard execute scenarios, specifically, towards A site.

What Makes It Special: In Sunset A site, you are almost guaranteed to see an enemy play towards these areas you ultimate hits, so why not try and be the one 2 steps ahead? Easy kills.



A Deny

What Does It Cover: Alternatively on A site, this ultimate will hit 2 birds with one stone. If anyone is trying to plant on either default position, you will be able to hit them, reveal them and assist your team retake site.

When To Use It: Best used during defensive or retaking scenarios, as soon as you hear enemies planting the spike, pop it and go on.

What Makes It Special: This is especially useful because it allows you to clear all common planting spots on A site. 



Mid Tiles

What Does It Cover: Hear enemies on Mid Tiles? Time to punish them for even thinking to take space of control that you own. This ultimate, will hit anyone playing tiles and it is almost impossible to dodge.

When To Use It: Best used during defensive scenarios; more specifically when you are looking to earn a free pick or if you notice enemies are going for mid control.

What Makes It Special: With how narrow Mid Tiles is, you are almost guaranteed to kill anyone playing there.



B Post Plant


What Does It Cover: This ultimate on B site will hit the default planting spot, ensuring to get anyone of the spike if they attempt to defuse it as you maintain a post plant position.

When To Use It: Best used during post plant positions, it will help you secure rounds and win by time which is inevitably the safer option.

What Makes It Special: This ultimate is especially useful because it makes it easier for you to play clutch rounds.

Pro Tips


  • When using your ultimate, make sure that you start it in a safe position. Even if you seem far away from enemies, a Jett can dash right at you if you’re not in a seemingly safe spot. That’s why, you should always do it from further away or around teammates.

  • Remember that Sova’s ultimate costs 8 Orbs, meaning you will not be able to use it as much except you are killing multiple enemies a round. And that is unrealistic when it comes to consistency, so make sure you grab those ultimate orbs anytime you see the chance to.

  • Your ultimate is best used with a Drone or an Arrow, as this will help you capture a target much more easily and grant yourself a pick whenever you activate it.

  • You could use your ultimate for different purposes, for example, you can use it as an Entry if your team struggles to find first picks. That is of course with the usage of reveals first. Or use it to help the duelist explode on site by isolating and clearing angles.

  • You can always cancel your ultimate by pressing “X” or whatever you bound the ult key to, this works well for either faking an opponent or if you hear someone pushing you up close and decide to play it safe and stop the ult.

  • Similarly to your ultimate, you can always exit your drone by pressing the same key bind you use to activate the ability. This is useful in case you get naded or ulted as you use it.

  • As a Sova, alternating is key. Don’t use any piece of utility in one place consistently, as this will become predictable and allow enemies to react properly to it. This applies on your Ultimate, darts and shock darts. Variation will bring your gameplay to another level.

  • When you use your ultimate, it gives you a temporary boost upwards, you can use that to get on spots you aren’t able to regularly as Sova, however, this is more about fun experimenting as you will not gain anything sacrificing your ultimate to get somewhere.

  • Beware that your ultimate applies damage on teammates, however, if you have to do so in order to hit an enemy you should prioritize that as the team damage dealt is minimized to avoid issues like killing your own team consistently.

  • One of the best Mechanics on Sova is to swerve with your ultimate to confuse enemies and ensure a kill on them.

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