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Best Brimstone Smokes For Ascent

Best Brimstone Smokes For Ascent
Written by: Weeii
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Brimstone is one of the strongest controllers in the game, mastering him and his smokes is a MUST DO for a valorant player of any level at any point. 


That’s why, we will break down to you brimstone and his best setups on the map Ascent which is a map that favors him quite a lot.


Ability Usage


Utility usage is a well-known topic that is spoken about quite often, but here, you’ll be learning about timing and perfecting your abilities for the agent brimstone on this specific map (Ascent)

Let’s get right into turning you from a normal gamer to that brimstone main!


Stim Beacons: Typically used for site execution or rotations, it gives you an extra speed boost so try to use them in these or similar situations.

Retakes are also a good usage, as it’s similar to bursting into site just for a different sake. 

Incendiary (Molly): The molly, on defense, it’s used to block the attackers from taking space into site and best known for stopping the “hard pushing” enemies.

On attack, it’s used for post plants. Bonus tip: If you don’t have any lineups, you can just plant and look straight up to the sky, shoot it and wait for it. You will not choose at which time the molly comes but it can still be handy compared to no lineup at all.

Sky Smoke: The original well-known brimmy thick smokes that will cover everything and anything you want.  

Orbital Strike: Best used when you know exactly where enemies are. On attack it’s an amazing weapon for post plant on the spike tap.

On defense, it’s used on spike plant, but that’s not the only way it’s just the safest to get damage/pick unless you know otherwise.

Setups - Attack


Smokes in this map are straightforward, the only catch here is whether or not you would want to double smoke heaven. In which we believe you should to account for those attackers who overpeek and catch you off guard!


It’s very difficult to account for a mid push here, so here’s a setup that will ease this process. Smoke bottom mid for cover as you walk up and take both tree and site, all properly smoked and covered.


One common mistake you might make here is NOT deep smoking market which gives defenders space to jump out on log and surprise you. Always smoke like this


With this setup you will be able to take mid at ease, the challenge comes from clearing site. Make sure you only use this when you’re trying to quickly execute site.

Setups - Defense 


Moving on to the defensive setups, as a brimstone you will definitely be the pain in your enemy’s game with these setups. 



One important factor about this map is that you always need to account for Mid pushes. This is how you should smoke defending A. 

Never be afraid to combine mollies with your smokes at any time you feel that you need to, especially when enemies are aggressive or try to immediately execute, this is the best way to block them.



Similarly here, this is the right way of smoking B Site safely. 



The best way to get mid control, combine this with a push from tree out to mid so you can gain space and possibly pick some apart.



Things To Keep In Mind


Even if you’re a smoker, it doesn’t mean that you are the only one who is capable of blocking vision. Always account for teammates’ utility, such as Sage Walls, Jett Smokes, etc. 


Typically with Brimstone, you have 3 smokes which you can either use entirely or only use 2 and keep 1 for a late round usage. If you push fast, you can use all 3, but if you take it slowly we recommend you to use only 2. 


Always be creative with your molly usage, it can be combined with smokes on defense or used for postplant on attack, or even better, just use it whenever you want to!

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