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Best Neon Stun Lineups On Haven

Best Neon Stun Lineups On Haven
Written by: Weeii

Neon, one of Valorant's agile agents, has a unique set of abilities that can both dazzle and disrupt her opponents. And when we chat about "stun lineups", we're really talking about those precise spots on the map where Neon (or any agent, really) can deploy abilities to catch enemies off-guard. It's kind of like knowing the perfect angle to bounce a ball so it lands just where you want it. Sounds cool, right?


Imagine this: You're in a tight spot, the enemy team is pushing, and you need an edge to tip the balance in your favor. That's where knowing these stun lineups can make all the difference. By mastering these, you'll be turning the tide of battles, surprising enemies, and maybe even getting a few "Neon, you’re cringe" messages in the process. So let’s dive into the best Neon lineups on the map Haven:


Neon Stun Lineups


Neon stuns are often underrated, could you imagine a pocket breach stun on-the-go? Well, if you master the usage of this utility (timing, spots, etc) you’ll be able to drive enemies insane. This includes attacking, defensive, and even retake lineups as each scenario has its own set of plays. We will give provide you for every detail necessary when speaking about each lineup provided on our list: 



A Site Long

What Does It Cover: This stun on A site will help you cover up A long quite quickly and give you instant control of that portion of the map. To do it, you just have to aim at the edge of the boxes as you peek into A long and it’ll cover the entire area.

When To Use It: Best used in fast attacking scenarios or even when you want to fake sites as taking A long control would usually encourage enemies to rotate.

What Makes It Special: This stun can be done on-the-go as you do your Neon movement making it great for fast-paced plays.



A Site Retake

What Does It Cover: This stun, aimed at the wall of A main will hit anyone left side A long and return to stun under heaven (hell) for you to make your way to site.

When To Use It: Best used during retake scenarios as this stun will inevitably ease your access to drop to site, especially with the players on hell being powerless.

What Makes It Special: Enemies will not even see it coming, the stun for long and hell perfectly for you to go and drop, that’s a well-planned play.



B Site

What Does It Cover: This is a unique stun lineup as it covers both back site and close right on B. You can do that by aiming at the metal box, around the middle of it and then perform a jump throw.

When To Use It: Best used in fast B site executes as this clears your path to site.

What Makes It Special: This stun will usually help you get free kills without getting traded easily. 



C Site

What Does It Cover: This stun on C site is quite basic, aimed at the back wall of back site you will be able to cover the entirety of back site as you rush.

When To Use It: Best used during on the go fast C site executes.

What Makes It Special: This stun is simple and quick, yet it gives the job done so don’t hesitate to use it! 



C Site Garage

What Does It Cover: Lastly, on C suite, this stun is straight forward as throwing it through the slight opening in double doors will stun garage for you to enter fluently.

When To Use It: Best used during fast Garage executes.

What Makes It Special: This stun is very easy and quick to do, it also will always catch enemies off guard and give you a better chance of winning.

Pro Tips


  • When playing Neon, it is clear that you need to become a master of movement. One cool mechanic is how you could use your stuns and abilities while in the movement mode of Neon. Keep that in mind and practice it to be able to comfortably create opportunities on the go for yourself.

  • Neon walls normally don’t go through objects. However, if you aim higher than an object or obstacle, it will go through it when thrown. This is a cool mechanic that could create slight “lineups” for neon walls, try it next!

  • When you have your slide and ultimate available, you can perform a cool double slide trick as by activating the ultimate you automatically recharge your slide giving you a free additional one. This is how pros do a double-slide stunt.

  • Remember that your stun has a short activation time, meaning enemies might try to peek you as soon as you throw it to catch you off guard. Mastering the timing of it will help you become a well-rounded neon player.

  • You can perform a neon backslide by jumping and pressing the “S” key the moment you drop down. Or by simply letting go of “W” and pressing “S” at the same time. That is while initiating the stun of course.

  • With neon you practically have 4 stuns as each one will bounce to stun (2) spots. However, you could always use it to double up on one spot, it is not necessary to have a lineup for each spot on the map to play the agent.

  • When you place a wall to enter site, don’t walk in it in a straight line as opponents might enter to kill you and if you’re not a moving target you will be very easy to shoot.

  • Try your best to avoid sliding close to an opponent as the closer you are the easier you become to be killed. If you’re a bit far, they will have to aim/track you before being able to shoot you down.

  • Your ultimate has a headshot damage multiplier, even though sometimes it is better to aim at the body, if you’re close enough/able to try to aim your ultimate on head level to kill enemies faster.


  • The range affects your ultimate’s damage, therefore try your best to avoid long-distance fights with it.

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