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VALORANT Harbor Smokes on Pearl - Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Harbor Smokes on Pearl - Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need on the best smokes for Harbor on the map Pearl.

Harbor is a versatile agent with a unique set of abilities that make him a valuable addition to any team, and Pearl is the perfect map to utilize Harbor on with all the angles, different approaches, and strategies.


In this article, we will explore his abilities and highlight the best smokes for each key location on Pearl. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to control and dominate your opponents with Harbor effectively. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!



Setups - Attack 

The attacking side on Pearl is quite challenging as you need to figure out a good approach to the defenders. Pearl is a relative map to split; with tight spaces and many hiding corners for defenders which can get to be a nightmare if you are failing to open up sites. Here’s how with Harbor you can make Pearl attacking side seem so easy:

A Full Control


Heading into the A site execute this set up will help you maintain full control of site if that’s what you are looking for. Simply place your tide all around from art to secret leaving dugout open. 


Right after that, place your cascade wall to clear the right side and place an additional smoke onto site. With that, all you need to do is to place your shield orb on default to give the planter extra proper cover. 

B Default


This is the default way to take on B site with Harbor. 


Use your tide to cover B link, B heaven and CT, and possibly cover B halls too. That depends on your preference, you can either full smoke B halls or just let it be open and take control of that space. 


Additionally, you can use your cascade wall to clear close pillar, keep in mind where the wall stops it’ll act as a temporary smoke so use it in a strategic position.

Finally, always use your shield orb to have a plant for whoever is planting the spike. 

B Post Plant


If you are planning to play B for post plant, this set up might be the best for you cause it is efficient and ensures you don’t end up having many duels that might cause you to go down in numbers. 


All you need to do is wall closer to your side to give enemies more space before they come out to retake, plant using the shield orb and possibly use a cascade wall towards B link and then fall off and play your post plant positions. 

Mid To B


Taking Mid control in Pearl is a must. It is one of the most important factors in this map and it can determine the outcome of the game in some cases. For that, it’s important to learn the best way to take Mid into a site: 


If you are pushing Mid aiming to get B site, you should use your cascade wall towards B link which will hit anyone up close and end up as a temporary smoke on connector, then use your tide to cover up for CT and Heaven then simply use your shield orb to get cover while planting. 

Mid To A


In order to effectively open up a Mid route to A site, all you need to do is use a cascade wall that will hit anyone standing on Connector on art’s side then use your tide to smoke that are all the way into site covering CT and secret. If you want, you can curve it more to smoke dugout too. 

Setups - Defense


Pearl is easier played on defense but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be on your side. If you don’t learn the best set ups to hold sites down you might find yourself in a situation where it’s impossible to deny enemies from taking space on you. And that’s why we will now show you the best set ups to force your enemies into backing off your site: 

A Aggressive


While playing offensively on A is quite challenging, with Harbor the twist is real. And that can help you get into the attacker’s noses. Use your cascade wall just like so and then use your tide to cover deep into A lobby and have a teammate pushing up with you. 

A Default


For a more passive way to hold down A, use your shield orb to cover up for art (optional) and then use your tide wall to cover deep into art and A main. Using the shield orb should be mainly done when you’re making a rotation and want extra cover to not be caught off guard. 

B Aggressive


Similarly to A, you can play quite aggressively on B but it is very challenging. The proper way to do it is by getting up close to pillar, throwing a cascade towards B main and a tide for extra cover if there was any attacker coming late to the lobby. From there, just push with your teammate. 

B Passive


Here’s the default way of defending B. Use a tide wall to cover both sides from Pillar and just watch out for any flash peeks. 

Mid Control


Here’s how you can play for Mid control on defense. Simply throw your tide to cover Mid link and Mid window. 

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