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The Best Killjoy Setups For Fracture

The Best Killjoy Setups For Fracture
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need to play Killjoy on the map Fracture. Especially with the way fracture is made to give multiple chokepoints into each site and a variety of angles to defend from, it offers unique challenges and opportunities for Killjoy mains.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the character, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to dominate your opponents on this map. From defending the bomb sites to setting up sneaky traps, we'll cover everything you need to know to become a master of Fracture as Killjoy. So, put on your thinking cap, grab your toolbox, and let's get started!

Killjoy Setups - Attacking Side


While Killjoy is often associated with defensive playstyles, she can also be a valuable asset for the attacking team on this map. With her unique abilities, Killjoy can help control areas of the map and create opportunities for her team to push towards the enemy's territory. Especially when it comes to lurking which is commonly known as “rat gameplay” but yet one of the most effective ways to manipulate your attacking side. We will show you the best ways you can use Killjoy on Fracture Attack:


A Site:


When we are talking about Killjoy on the attacking side, we’re most likely referring to a way you can “lurk” and manipulate the outcome of the round as a sentinel. Now there are two ways to lurk, you can either fast lurk which is to instantly push after your teammates make a presence in the planned site, or late lurk which is when you wait to ensure no enemies are holding you.


In this particular setup, you will take control of Dish in order to push A site. Now that, is lurking but in Fracture it’ll be through a different form. Usually, lurking is associated with going on mid but on this map you can only hit up the alternative approach to site. 


Start by placing a turret behind you to watch out for any flanks coming from Arcade, then walk up at your own pace to dish and place an alarm bot on CT if you need to. You can also throw your mollies on the spike assuming it’s planted on default. 


Pro Tip: You don’t need to find a pixel perfect lineup to play postplant with your mollies, killjoy mollies go through walls so all you need to do is to get it around the spike.


B Site:


For B site, your main lurking course will start from Arcade. You will have the option to either proceed into site, or go into Tower. Either way, if you go through Arcade to site, make sure you place our alarm bot on CT to be alerted if anyone tries to peek you. 


Or if you’re going from tower, use your turret before you peek to spot any enemies close up there. 


Then, when possible, use your mollies on spike to play for postplant. 




Killjoy Setups - Defending Side


With Killjoy’s unique kit of abilities, she is a valuable asset for any team looking to defend key areas of the map. Her skills allow her to set up traps and control areas of the map, making it difficult for the enemy team to push forward. But you can only do so much when you’re lacking knowledge as to how to place your utility right, so here are the best killjoy setups to defend your site on Fracture:


A Site:


When you are defending A site, there are many approaching from attackers that you will need to take care of. However, we will show you all the ways you can efficiently stop executes on A. 


Start by putting an alarm bot next to A main with two mollies covering A main and close to stairs. Then, make sure your turret is on the box watching dish for extra information from that side. 


Peek off your utility and you’ll definitely earn some kills 



Alternatively, if you want to stop any heavy executes coming towards A sands, you can do that by placing an alarm bot on the door with 2 mollies next to each other. This will definitely block any enemies coming through. 


Don’t forget to place your turret on top of the box on A site to cover any push coming from Dish. 


If you’re planning to play for retake, this is the setup for you. You can place a turret on top of the boxes on stand to cover for both sand and site while you play on dish. 


Place an alarm bot next to A main with a molly to delay the push into site, and a second molly on the default planting spot to delay the plant as the rotation is initiated by your team.


B Site:


To defend B site, simply place an alarm bot with 2 mollies in front of each other on the staircase way into B site. This will definitely stop any push, even aggressive agents like Neon or Jett. 


Don’t forget to place a turret on Tower to cover up Arcade, so that if enemies are coming from under or hitting a split execute you are alerted. 


An alternative way to hold B site is by playing more passively from tower. In this position you are safer but that will cost you some space. 


Place an alarm bot on the green boxes and as soon as it ticks trigger both of your mollies that are placed on Default and Dice. 


With a turret watching your flank from Arcade, you will trigger your enemies with this setup. 

Killjoy Setups - Attack Ultimate Spots


One of Killjoy’s key abilities is her ultimate which allows her to force enemies out to obtain control and space. Her ultimate is superior when taking a site, It is a free card to plant the spike in most cases. However, you do need to consider where you are going to place your ultimate as it has a certain range which if placed improperly will not benefit you as much. Here are the most common ultimate spots for killjoy on the attacking side:


A Site:


This spot will grand you the best range to cover up A site. However, it is dangerous as you’re a bit exposed into players on A site, that’s why only use this when you have dish control and you know you’re able to cover your ultimate. 


B Site:


It might be confusing to look at on the picture but this location referenced is Under. In tunnel under CT of B site, it is the best location to use a killjoy ultimate. It covers the entire area of arcade, site, ct, canteen and tower. You can’t ask for any better

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