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The Best Yoru Teleports On Pearl

The Best Yoru Teleports On Pearl
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need on the best TP spots for Yoru on the map Pearl.

While Yoru has always been an underwhelming agent in the duelist role, many still believe that his abilities can open up room for creative and unstoppable plays.

Pearl is one of the overwhelming maps that require smart strategic ways to approach on both defensive and attacking sides. Uniquely, it is one of the few maps that allow duelists like Yoru to shine and frag out as it’s more on the suited side for them.

In this article, we will explore his abilities and highlight the best teleports for each key location on Pearl. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to control and dominate your opponents with Yoru effectively. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!




Teleport Lineups - Attacking Side 


While duelists are often associated with aggressive playstyles and flashy plays to open up sites and get entries, it might not be the case with all such as with Yoru. This agent leans more to the deceiving playstyle; mastermind of games and tricks to get to the desired goal. With your kit, you don’t want to just run in looking for aim duels, you rather create a play where your enemy is completely unable to react. We will show you the best set of plays to do on Yoru: 


A Site:


Here is the first setup for attacking A site. Your goal will be to teleport into Art with a flash and instantly catch enemies off guard. While you might think this isn’t explicit to A site, it is still important as Art is a key area for A site. 


Here’s how to do it


Aim at the corner of this wall as shown in the picture and throw your TP. It will make its way all the way into the corner shown in the previous picture. Then all you have to do is flash and teleport to earn your easy kills. 


Into an alternative setup for A site which might take a bit more time but is definitely most suited for slow plays. Going into the enemy’s spawn might be a key play to maintain huge control of rotations or even flank them unexpectedly. 


Your goal will be to teleport to CT with a flash on site to distract them from looking for you. 


You can do that by aiming at that door from A main, just be cautious from any early peekers and you should be safe to go. As soon as you place it there wait for it to reach their CT on the minimap and then initiate your play. 


B Site:


For B site, there are 2 ways we think are valid to maintain control and entries. Starting by the teleport on B halls, where you’ll aim to flash on site and TP there to catch enemies on halls or on site off guard. 


All you need to do is get past B long and look at the corner shown, then simply wait for your gate crash (teleport) to get there and initiate it with a flash. Just be cautious that in that corner you’re also exposed to B link, so if defenders were playing for retake you might want to check that corner first. 


Alternatively, you can hit B site with a teleport behind screens. Best paired with a reveal so that you know where enemies are exactly and then flash and TP into screens to catch anyone on site off guard. It is a jump of map control let’s say. 


You can do that by simply looking straight into that area. It will reach screens and by that time place your flash as shown in the previous picture and execute. 


Remember that the flashes shown in pictures is where you’re supposed to BOUNCE the flash from. Not where it should land! 




Now on mid it might be a bit tricky as there’s not much you can do. But that’s how it seems like, for this teleport setup you just have to perform this simple lineup and get into connector behind anyone holding Mid Double Doors or possibly use that sneaky position to get behind the enemies and manipulate their rotations. An important fact is as well how you can find information on the enemy to choose which site to hit. 


Simply look towards the middle of the door like that with a lean to the right. That will leave the tp going into Link Connector as shown in the picture above. Pair it with a flash against the wall and you should be good to go. 

Teleport Lineups - Defending Side


Duelists don’t serve much compared to other roles on defense. Or do they? In a defensive side your job as a duelist is so to be the aggression firepower so you can still maintain pressure on the enemy whilst not overextending. With Yoru, you can be a flank machine and place unbelievable pressure as long as you use your utility the right way. Here’s how you can do that: 


A Site:


If you are defending A, chances are enemies will burst out as quickly as they could. In that case, imagine yourself teleporing right behind them through a smoke on A main with a yoru flash, flanking whoever is on site and surprising anyone on A lobby. That sounds like a killer plan and that’s how you can do it: 


All you need to do is aim anywhere near the cubby on A main from dugout or close to it. After that, ask your teammate to smoke A main if it wasn’t already and flash teleport into the cubby, make sure to take any fights on A lobby then proceed to go out of the smoke to flank the planter and the rest of the team. 


B Site:


On B, the best way to instantly flank the enemies will be from B long. Sometimes, you don’t even have to flank but maintaining the area control is important enough. We’re aiming for a teleport on B main right side to instantly place pressure or flank. 


To do that just aim at that corner shown at the beginning of the round. It is not pixel perfect as long as you’re within that area frame, place your tp and don’t forget to flash as instructed when you teleport. 


Pro Tip: For any of the setups above, you can always fake teleport if you just want to change your pace or confuse the enemies. Best done after you’ve already performed them once to make your enemies believe into the fake.

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