How To Rank Up Faster in Valorant (Pro Guide)

How To Rank Up Faster in Valorant (Pro Guide)
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Written by: Hamza551

Here are some tips you may need if you're new to first-person shooters. While there are similarities between Valorant and Counter-Strike, it also has characters and abilities like Overwatch or any other hero shooter, giving it a unique style of play. If you don't know what you're doing, it can be difficult, so here are our top Valorant tips that will give you a chance to succeed.




Practicing weapons and abilities in training is a good idea before you play


An excellent practice mode is available in Valorant. Even though it's tempting to jump right into a match, you should first warm up by shooting at bots on the firing range. Also, it would be best if you practiced spraying weapons on targets. Parkour classes are even available to practice. Just don't use Jett!



For better accuracy, keep still while shooting



Trying to run and shoot simultaneously is one of the most common mistakes new players make in Valorant. Standing still is most likely to bring you more accuracy because while you can still hit stray bullets, you're more likely to catch the odd killing. Crouching when you start firing is even better. Try not to jump.



To learn how movement and recoil affect it, play around with the crosshairs settings


Different options are available for Valorant crosshairs. You can see pro players use a small dot or some unique crosshairs. I can't go into too much detail here. It is important to understand how both the shooting error and motion options affect your result when you begin by using both features.



Communicate with your team to help them



No matter where you are on a map, there will be a specific callout for that location. When the map is safe to open, open it (to find out where you are) if you're not sure. Some places on the map have been given names by players that have become popular, such as "U-Hall" and "hookah" on the Bind map, but the majority use in-game calls to describe the locations.

Especially in ranked play, a silent teammate is useless to your team. Chat with your team at the start of each round to have a much better chance of winning. By pressing ESC, you can disable/report a toxic teammate individually.



Be sure to maintain your economy


The purchasing system used by Valorant at the start of every round plays a crucial role in managing the economy. You will expect a few things as you progress through the game: the more you kill, the more bombs you bomb/defuse, and the more money you earn. Don't spend all your money on the ecological cycle. It is important and can be very useful. However, if it's a back-and-forth game, don't waste all your funds on it.



Aim for the head while walking around and not the ground



The headshot is one of the most important areas in Valorant. Most weapons kill in one to two shots to the head, regardless of whether you shoot 4 or 5 bullets at the body. Beginners often walk around aiming at the ground when they're first learning. A slight change in recoil helps when the opponent crouches while shooting.



Save your gun


If you don't have time to defuse the bomb, regardless of whether you are part of the winning team or in 1v5, leave the spike/bomb! The explosion will kill you and cause you to lose all your weapons. The best way to deal with the situation is to withdraw from the bomb site as soon as possible.



Pick better guns at the end of the round


Be sure to check the ground for other weapons shortly before moving on to the next round, after the round has ended. If you win the round with a bulldog or a specter, find a better gun vandal or operator.

You can give this gun to a teammate if you don't want to use it, and they can repurchase it for you later.


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