The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Breeze

The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Breeze
Written by: carrico14

Viper is considered by most players the best controller on Breeze. Since the release of the map, she has become a must-pick Agent.


Her kit makes it easier to close down bombsites, to block the enemy vision when executing into a bombsite, being an overall great Agent to take control of important parts of the map.


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Learning all the callous in the map is also very important since Valorant is a game where communication is key, so be sure to read our Valorant Breeze Map Callouts Guide.


Without further ado, let's see what are the best Viper Walls and Smokes on Breeze.



Viper Walls and Smokes on Breeze A Bombsite


Execute A Wall




This is the most commonly used wall to execute into the A bombsite. It blocks the vision from the enemies that are playing back site and forces them to either give up control of the plant area or play aggressively.


It's the best wall you can use on the A bombsite since it allows you to enter the site in an easy and safe way. 



Orange container Smoke


                      Point to where the crosshair is and do a jump throw left-click.



If the enemies are on top of the container they will be able to watch over your wall. This smoke prevents that from happening, completely blocking the vision of the player or players that might be playing there. It also makes them vulnerable if they stay inside the smoke.



Double Doors Smoke



                       Point to where the crosshair is and jump throw with right-click.



This is a great one-way smoke that allows you to see the enemies first when they enter through double doors. It completely blocks the enemy's vision and also makes them vulnerable if they decide to push through the smoke. 



Defensive Wall



It blocks the enemy's vision of the bombsite and forces them to pass the wall and get vulnerable in order to get to the plant zone. It also blocks the vision of the right side of the mid pillar for the attackers. You can also use it as a retake wall.



Viper Walls and Smokes on Breeze B Bombsite


Execute B Wall




It blocks the vision from the defenders coming from CT or B tube. This way you just have to worry about the players in the plant area, since your wall covers the other two entries to the bombsite. This wall is very common in competitive games and is the most used wall when it comes to executing into the B Bombsite. 


Retake Wall




Used when you want to play retake, and will play in a more defensive way. This wall blocks the vision from the B lobby and forces the attackers to either give control of the plant area or play aggressively, pushing through the wall or playing ahead of it. Making it easier for the defenders to retake control of the bomb site. 



Viper Wall and Smokes on Breeze Mid


B Tunnel to Mid Wall




This wall blocks the attacker's vision to upper mid. It makes it way harder to gain mid-control since the enemies are forced to pass the toxin wall and will be vulnerable. It also covers a part of tube making it easier for the player that is defending that area. 


You can be playing on the back o the B bombsite and still help your team on two different areas of the map with this wall. 



Mid Lurk Wall



This wall allows you to get a lot of control on Mid. You can push either side of the pillar safely since the enemies won't be able to see you. You can also progress to top mid, and unless the enemies play very aggressively and push the toxin screen you can just win map control for free. 


There are a lot of different things and plays you can do with this wall. 



Top Mid Smoke



             Point to where the crosshair is and do a running jump throw with left-click.


This smoke is really good to use together with the Mid Lurker Wall. It completely blocks the vision to Mid Nest, making it even harder for the defenders to take control of MID. While it means it's safer and easier for you to gain control of the majority of mid.

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