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The Best Sage Walls For Pearl

The Best Sage Walls For Pearl
Written by: Weeii

Mastering the strategic use of Agents' abilities can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Sage, the healer and sentinel extraordinaire, plays a pivotal role in controlling the battlefield with her heals and ice-cold barriers. Today, we delve deeper of optimal strategies to discover the best Sage walls out there.


From the most effective wall placements to the nuances of defensive and offensive tactics, this comprehensive guide will be your ultimate resource to elevate your Sage gameplay and dominate in your next matches. This guide will include a little bit of everything, such as Attacking, Defensive and even Post Plant walls. So, buckle up, and let's go on a journey together as we unlock the best Sage wall spots you can use on the map Pearl.



Sage Off-Angle Walls


As a Sage, you’re often required to use your walls and slows to help delay or stop an execute so that you fulfill your Sentinel role duties. But walling off choke points can become very repetitive and therefore, it will be countered. So what do you do? Now you will explore one of the most fun aspects of playing Sage where you’ll be able to create off angles and unexpected plays by placing your wall in unusual but very beneficial spots. Here are the best plays you can create: 


Starting off with this wall on A site that will help you catch the enemies off guard while also securing a large portion of backsite to your control and area. This wall is done splitting backsite and default, while you will be on top of it able to peek around the corner to see A main or even close on Site. It’ll give you an amazing off angle to play off. 


To do it, step into site and aim at the ground aiming to build up your wall just like so. As mentioned previously, now you will have the ability to maneuver between this little window and playing off the wall for more control. 


For B site, this wall will most definitely take anyone off guard coming from B long. But here’s the amazing part, it will also allow you to explore Mid Link of a really high angled view that nobody will be expecting, giving you control in both of the areas. 


To do it, you’ll need to come over to B Heaven (top site) and try to aim your wall on the corner just like so. Stand on top of it, and then place it. Now by walking to the edge you’ll have a view on Mid Link or by simply staying on the wall you have an extremely high off angle for B long. 


Another wall to use on B site but this time to peek B long and catch somebody off guard. Ever heard of a battle sage? Now is the time to show those combating skills and earn that first blood to teach your duelists how it’s done. 


To do this wall you need to first get on B heaven and then jump to this box next to B link. From there, place your wall in an angled position just like so to reach the edge. This will allow you to peek B long from that edge or just stay on top in an off angle. Another option is to do it and jump down to make your enemies aim higher and bait them by peeking from under. 


This is the classical wall to use on Mid as a Sage player. This way, you block Double Doors completely making it a lot harder for enemies to break it enough to pass through. However, another thing you can do is stand on top of the wall and catch an off angle. 


To do it, come over to this corner and angle it just so it fills the spot like in the picture. And if you want to be on top of it, then step forward and look under as you perform it. 

Sage Plant Walls


Aside from Off Angles and defending sites, you as a sentinel play a very important role in post plant scenarios. Now you might ask, what can you do as a Sage? A slow lineup won’t do or help stopping enemies from defusing the spike. But, you can still use your walls to block off the spike which in return will make it harder for defenders to break it as they retake and try to tap the spike. In rounds where a few seconds are the difference, these wall spots are going to be a round changing play. So here are the best Sage walls to use after you’ve planted the spike: 


Now onto the plants in which you aim to become a nightmare for those defenders trying to retake your site, this is a perfect wall to use on A site. Make sure you DO NOT attempt to place your wall before you plant, as planting the spike will break it naturally. So what you will do is to place the wall as close as you can to the spike after planting. 


This is how it’ll look like in-game on the default planting spot. This will force retakers to break multiple blocks of the wall to get to the spike and be able to defuse it. 


For B site, this might not be a wall directly aimed at the spike but it’s quite useful to help you plant in cover and even stall enemies when they’re retaking site.


To do it, just make sure you come onto B site, next to default and line it up with a bit of angle to it. Then, plant safely and fall back or play in site. Either way, enemies will have to break the wall to get through which grants you an extra few seconds or even kills if somebody peeked off it. 

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