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How yay played Chamber on Haven

How yay played Chamber on Haven
Written by: ar1essss
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yay is one of the best players on Chamber in North America. Today I will introduce you to how yay played on Haven in a match against Cloud9. We’ll talk about his defaults, some special moments, and how yay using Ultimate on both sides.




Pistol Round


OpTic started the game on defense. yay bought two trademarks (orange circle), and headhunter. He put one trademark to Flower Pot, and one to Connector. Rendezvous (yellow circle) was launched behind side on C.



yay played fairly aggressively, pushed C long, and met a rival there. Unfortunately, he missed a headhunter shot, but managed to teleport. OpTic managed to win the pistol round.


How yay used Ultimate on A site


Let’s talk about using Ultimate on defense. Started from A site. yay put one trademark on B site, the second one on A Server after the beginning of the round. One Rendezvous was launched on A Short close to Tower, the second one - on A Link.



yay just hold an angle on A site with Ultimate, waiting for first contact. In that round, Cloud9 executed another site, so yay had to push back, and dead on Long A by Omen lurk.


How yay used Ultimate on B site


So we’re getting to the interesting moment. The score was 3:8, Cloud lead. Yay has Ult. He put a trademark on B site on the right side, and one Rendezvous on the left side. In that round, Cloud9 wanted to split C cite, one long and four garage.



In the beginning of the round, FNS and yay made one trick. FNS played aggressively on Breach, and peaked from B mid-doors. Enemy’s saw him, damaged and supposed him to go back. But Cloud9 didn’t expect that in several seconds in that place will be yay on Chamber with ult. At least Skye used flashed, yay avoided it, and made the first kill.


Then he teleported to C link, and played the rest of the round on C site. By a fortunate chance, Cloud9 decided to execute this site, where yay met them and made another three kills.




Pistol Round


OpTic played a slow round. yay put trademarks on C Lobby and A Garden. One Rendezvous on spawn, the second one close to the window. yay, as always, bought a headhunter, and held the garage push from the window.



After that, OpTic regrouped, made C Split and won the pistol round.





The structure of the Haven map allows Chamber to set trademarks in the same places. No matter what site your team executes, setting trademarks like yay, you get the information you need.


About yay’s playstyle on attack. Most of the time for attacking in that match against Cloud9, yay played with Operator. He was everywhere, on C, mid, and A.


Somewhere it worked, somewhere not. Interesting moment that he played only once with Ult, but dead in the beginning of the round, didn’t bring much impact. Even when he had Ultimate, he still kept playing with Operator.


Screenshots: ValoPlant

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