4 VALORANT Wallpaper Sites to Find the Best Wallpapers in 2023

4 VALORANT Wallpaper Sites to Find the Best Wallpapers in 2023
Written by: Hero

Looking for new Valorant wallpaper for your desktop or smartphone? We've gone ahead and laid out the best places to find the best wallpaper for your setup from our list of sites that offer unique Valorant artwork that you'll surely enjoy!

To best find the wallpaper right for you, we have narrowed down the sites and pages to fit exactly what you’re looking for all in one place! Whether you need a 4K or HD wallpaper, a widescreen or dual-screen, or even just one Valorant agent in the artwork, we've got you covered.



VALORANT 4K Wallpapers


WallpaperAccess is the best online collection of 4K resolution wallpapers and backgrounds for several VALORANT agents and official artwork from the game. All at the cost of… free! That's right, and if you're looking for something simple yet sleek, this page has you covered with some killer backgrounds and is still adding more.


The only caveat to this site is that the collection is currently limited to over 40 images and mostly has the same few agents such as Jett, Reyna, Phoenix, Sova, and Viper! But of course, one of those agents is probably the one you were looking for anyway!


4k wallpapers



VALORANT HD Wallpapers

Wallpapersden is another fantastic online collection of wallpapers with an array of over 150 Valorant wallpapers in 1080p resolution! Again, all free of charge! The bonus of using this site to find your dream backgrounds and wallpapers is that there are several fanart submissions that you can also get your hands on for a more unique and crafted experience for what you’re looking for! 


Wallpaper Safari is an excellent choice if you're looking for simple but high-quality Valorant backgrounds and wallpapers for a dual-screen setup that, let's be honest, we all have at this point. So, why take the boring approach of the same image duplicated on both screens when you can create a more immersive experience at your gaming setup with wallpaper that brings the two screens together!
wallpaper safari

VALORANT Agent Wallpapers

Finally, we have what is perhaps the gold standard of killer, high-quality Valorant wallpapers free of charge! This link brings you to the artist's Behance portfolio for Valorant Graphics, where you can preview all the images the artist has created to date and even follow them for updates and notifications when more are published here.
Best of all, if you find one you like, at the top of the page is a download link that brings you to the artist's Google Drive, where you can search for the specific agent and wallpaper of your choice! All these graphics are incredible designs, so be sure to give the artist Raúl Martínez a follow on Twitter (also linked on the page) to show your support and thank him for your new Valorant wallpaper!
No matter the style you’re aiming for with your Valorant wallpaper, using this guide to locate the right one for your setup will make a world of difference. Don't just find one website and commit to finding the best image for you on that site when you can follow these helpful tips to find the perfect Valorant wallpaper for you!


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