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Sentinels Fail to Qualify for VCT Masters Shanghai After Playoff Miss

Sentinels Fail to Qualify for VCT Masters Shanghai After Playoff Miss
Written by: ASH

The Sentinels, recent winners of VCT Masters Madrid, failed to secure a spot in the VCT Americas playoffs, effectively ruling out their participation in the upcoming Masters Shanghai. Despite their strong performance in Madrid, the team struggled during the regular season, finishing with a record of three wins and three losses in the Alpha group.


Their qualification depended heavily on other match outcomes, including a necessary win against Furia and specific losses by other teams. However, LOUD's decisive victory over G2 Esports, by a 2-0 scoreline, ensured their advancement at the expense of the Sentinels.



As a result, Sentinels and NRG Esports, who were also tied in the standings, were left out of the playoff lineup. The exclusion of Sentinels from the Masters Shanghai lineup means another team will have the opportunity to claim victory at the prestigious event. Sentinels now look forward to Stage 2, hoping for a better performance to qualify for the end-year Champions event.


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The playoffs to determine the final three teams from the Americas heading to Masters Shanghai will start on May 8. Teams like KRU Esports and Leviatan have already secured their semifinal spots due to their strong regular season showings.

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