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G2 Valorant Faces Backlash for Insensitive Social Media Post

G2 Valorant Faces Backlash for Insensitive Social Media Post
Written by: ASH

The esports community, particularly Valorant fans, recently expressed outrage over a controversial post made by G2 Esports’ social media team. After knocking Sentinels out of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Americas Stage 1, G2 posted an image featuring an emoji with a gun in its mouth, captioned, "SEN fans rn". This attempt at humor was widely condemned, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.


Critics, including professionals within the VCT, were quick to denounce the joke as inappropriate. Nicholas ‘Yehty’ Tesolin, an observer for VCT Americas, expressed disbelief that such a post was approved, especially given the sensitive nature of suicide. Additionally, FlyQuest’s social media manager and Brennon “Bren” Hook responded negatively, highlighting the post's poor taste.



The backlash is particularly poignant given the tragic suicide of Valorant pro Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener last year, a loss still felt deeply within the community. The reaction to G2’s post has not only sparked discussions about the boundaries of humor in esports but also raised questions about the appropriateness of using such imagery and references.



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As of now, the controversial post remains on G2’s Valorant social media page. Both the community and professionals are calling for more sensitivity and decorum from esports teams when engaging on social media.

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