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X-Raypad New Origin Pro Mousepad - Review

X-Raypad New Origin Pro Mousepad - Review
Written by: Yoann

High-quality gaming gear X-Raypad announced special summer sales for their brand new mousepads Origin Pro! We tested out all three new products, so you can figure out which is best for you!

If you are unfamiliar with X-Raypad, you can see the recent VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai Gen. G Esports Munchkin and Karon have been using xraypad Aqua control plus mouse pads. X-ray Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2003 and specializes in developing and manufacturing excellent mouse pads and accessories for the professional computer user.


Out of the three Origin Pro mousepads, there are two different finishes, Soft, and XSoft - we’ll explain the difference in a minute - when it comes to color, you have three different styles to choose from. Orange, Black, and “Cerberus”, we’ll cover the last one more extensively, giving you all the little details and secrets it has to offer!


Exclusive color box packaging for xraypad Origin Pro cerberus mousepad



First, let’s see what X-Raypad tells us about these new products. 


“Origin Pro is a balance mousepad with an accuracy control. This mouse pad is designed for FPS players, especially for players of Valorant, CSGO, and Apex.”


“The surface texture is smooth and silky. The texture is finely woven and silky. When gliding, you feel a certain amount of resistance, but it glides lightly. It has high cushioning and good stopping performance, and you feel like it stops exactly without applying force.”


They also introduce us to the “Three Zeroes” features:

-Zero delay: Quick Flick, Moving Smooth and Accuracy Control

-Zero interference: Lower edge, When the arm moves, it will not be affected by the edges.

-Zero displacement: Honeycomb Polyurethane base can be firmly stick on the desktop


Let’s now have a closer look!



Origin Pro Soft 50x50cm (Orange)




The Origin Pro Soft version offers you a controlled yet fast feel with a smooth glide, during our playtest on Valorant, it offered us great control over micro adjustments while never slowing down those crucial quick flicks. 


We feel like this will fit better players with a medium-to-low sensitivity, or with heavier mice. 

That validates the “Zero delay” claim.


Export_Xraypad 3


When it comes to “Zero interference” and “Zero displacement”, we can guarantee that the pad will never move on your desk during your gaming sessions, even your most intense ones! The base sticks perfectly to the desktop, and you won’t ever need to think about your pad moving under your arm ever again.


The edges of the pad are lowered, which feels much nicer compared to standard mousepads, as your aim might get affected because of the high edges. It might sound very basic, but I promise you’ll feel the difference in your forearm. 


Export_Xraypad 4


Here are some clips we got rocking the Origin Pro Soft pad!



Origin Pro XSoft 50x50cm (Black & Cerberus)




Let’s now dive into the Origin Pro XSoft version, featuring the Black and Cerberus version!

This version comes with all the features from the “Origin Pro Soft”, but with a much controlled feel. The mouse glides on it freely, while keeping great control. The mat surface feels smoother than its Soft counterpart, giving it a more comfy touch. 


We believe this pad will fit better players who love silky pads, with a higher sensitivity, or with lighter mice, as it will help you get a better feel of your aim compared to fast or standard mousepads.


Export_Xraypad 6


Here at Esports Driven, it’s the one we keep going back to!



Here’s what it looks like in Black and with the special “Cerberus” design! The Orange version is of course also available!


Export_Xraypad 1


This incredible illustration was created in collaboration with Japanese artist TERU, @teru_by_m on X/Twitter. In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the gates of hell’s guard. We truly believe this stunning art does him justice!



Watch some clips we got during our Origin Pro XSoft pad playtest!




To wrap up this review, we believe that X-Raypad came in with some very solid and interesting mousepads for this summer! Both the Origin Pro Soft and XSoft are satisfying and keep their promises of the three Zeroes: Zero delay, Zero interference, and Zero displacement. 


Design-wise, even though we appreciate the Black, Orange and Cerberus versions, we feel like the Origin Pro could use some more color choices, a white variant would look stunning for example! 


Regarding the mat size, the 50x50cm will be more than enough for most aimers, whether you’re rocking a high or low sensitivity. On the other hand, a wider mousepad could come in handy for players who like to have their keyboard and mouse on the same surface. We will keep an eye out for you in case X-Raypad blesses us with new color or size options soon. 

Recommended Origin Pro Mouse Pad for Playing Valorant?


For Valorant players looking to enhance their gaming experience, the Origin Pro Soft and XSoft mouse pads from X-Raypad are excellent choices. As seen in our clips, these mouse pads allow you to stay in control even when the game gets out of control. Both versions offer a smooth glide and precise control, essential for executing quick flicks and micro adjustments in this fast-paced FPS game.


The "Zero delay" feature ensures responsive movements, while the "Zero interference" and "Zero displacement" guarantees mean you can focus on your game without distractions from pad movement or high edges. Whether you prefer a medium-to-low sensitivity with a heavier mouse or a high sensitivity with a lighter mouse, these mouse pads cater to various playstyles, making them a worthy addition to any Valorant setup.


Click here to check out X-Raypads’ new Origin Pro mousepads! 

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