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10 Valorant Terms for beginners: part 3

10 Valorant Terms for beginners: part 3
Image Credit: Riot games
Written by: Diaa

Learning isn't only for beginners, we learn every day in this game and a part of our knowledge is the terms used between players.
In this article you will find another 10 Valorant terms that beginners must know, make sure to share it with your beginner friends ! 

  1. Strat : Stands for Strategy, which is the plan will be used by the team in the round.

  2. Stacking: A great strategy in case the enemy team pushes the same site over and over, and you cannot afford a full buy, then the entire team can hold this site and focus on it.

  3. Split: Overwhelming the enemies by splitting and pushing from different angles or ways to make harder for them to react to that  

  4. Spike : Simply it's a bomb just like the bomb in CSGO, it's very important mechanic in valorant, and it's the objective most of the time, attackers should plant it in the site and never let the defenders which their job is protecting the sites from the attacker defusing the spike, the spike can be dropped, and other teammates can pick it, it will fall if the spike carrier got killed, playing on this objective can be enough sometimes to win as the game isn't always about getting the most kills. 

  5. Ping: A very reliable and quick way to communicate with your teammates, by pressing 'z' and choosing what do you want to say and let others know, it can be very useful to alert your teammates or ask for help without the need of text, voice chat. 

  6. Rush: Pushing fast and aggressively into the site and specific area, it's highly recommended getting the most possible number of mates in this move to make it worth it, it's mostly used by the attackers to  overwhelm the defenders.

  7. Rotate: Responding to enemy move by moving between sites, a very good strategy to face an enemy push.

  8. Pick: Means killing an enemy player.

  9. Lit: Not a very popular expression, meaning that an enemy is very low HP and easy to kill, but you should only use the term "Lit" when you are really sure about the enemies Hp At this moment.

  10. Feeding : Dying in a careless fight and pushing aggressively without any plans, sometime this can happen from toxic players to make their team lose and give the enemy team an easier match to play.

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