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New Agent and maps rework: what Patch 4.0 brings to VALORANT

New Agent and maps rework: what Patch 4.0 brings to VALORANT
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Patch 4.0 was released yesterday at Valorant, which brought a new hero to the game, as well as many other changes. Let's take a look at them.




A new agent has been added to the game - Neon. She is a duelist. Wait for a guide to it soon.


Weapon Updates




  • Firing error occurs at earlier bullet stages
  • For example, instead of errors occurring at bullets 4, 7, 10 (in terms of firing order) they will instead happen at bullets 3, 6, 8
  • Increased pitch and yaw (vertical and horizontal) recoil multipliers when running/jumping/on ascender from 1.25 >>> 1.5
  • Protected bullet count from yaw (horizontal) switching while spraying, decreased 8 >>> 5 bullets
  • Lowering time to switch yaw from .24 >>> .18 seconds
  • While spraying, the time you have until you could switch yaws (horizontal movement) again is lower, meaning it can happen more often




  • Removed spin up
  • Firing rate increased from 10 >>> 13




  • Removed firing rate penalty on ADS (Aiming Down Sight)
  • Added an extra bullet before it enters a recovery curve




  • Hip fire rate increased 9.5 >>> 10
  • Recovery on burst fire improved from .4 >>> .35
  • Inaccuracy is accrued any time the weapon is re-fired prior to a complete duration of a weapon’s respective Gun Recovery Time. Lower recovery time should improve burst fire efficiency.


Map Updates




Before Patch 4.0:








Before Patch 4.0:










Before Patch 4.0:


1112022_PatchNotes400Article_a main before




1112022_PatchNotes400Article_a main after


Before Patch 4.0:


1112022_PatchNotes400Article_cave before




1112022_PatchNotes400Article_cave after


Before Patch 4.0:


1112022_PatchNotes400Article_a site before




1112022_PatchNotes400Article_a site after


Before Patch 4.0:


1112022_PatchNotes400Article_mid before




1112022_PatchNotes400Article_mid after


Before Patch 4.0:


1112022_PatchNotes400Article_b before




1112022_PatchNotes400Article_b after




  • Starting with Patch 4.0, accounts that have yet to play in Ranked are required to reach account level 20 before they are able to enter the Competitive queue
  • For those that have not yet reached account level 20, but have already played in Competitive queue, you will still be able to play in ranked.


Reduced 5-stack Rank Rating penalty


  • Diamond 2 and below players will see their RR penalty reduced by 25% compared to the current balance. This means the new minimum penalty is 25% reduced gains/losses compared to the previous 50%
  • We only made this change for ranks not breaking into, or on, the leaderboard to help maintain leaderboard integrity.


Increased Map Randomization


  • Increased our map weights, which should lead to an increase in map variety and reduction in map duplicates from match to match


How do you like the new patch in Valorant? Did you like it or not? You can share your emotions in the comments.


All images rights belong to Riot Games Valorant.

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