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A Player Is Donating 27$ For Every Shorty Kill during VCT

A Player Is Donating 27$ For Every Shorty Kill during VCT
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT player promised to donate 27 dollars for every shorty kill scored in VCT//LOCK IN


Valorant’s VCT LOCK//IN event is planned to take place on February 13th and it will feature feature all 30 franchised Valorant teams in addition to two invited teams from China. 


Twisten, one of the players of Team Vitality has announced he will be giving away 27$ to an unknown charity (yet) for every shorty kill scored throughout the tournament. 






There will be over 30 matches in this event and all of which are best of three outside of the semifinals and finals which are best of five. With this type of format, the chances are a lot higher to purchase the weapon and get kills with it. Not to mention, that the shorty is a sidearm weapon which means it can be purchased as a secondary, involving the chance of getting shorty kills even in normal buy rounds. 




The shorty can easily be one of the most popular picks during the tournament. It’s the cheapest gun in the game and it’s perfect for combinations even in buy round, such as the operator + shorty meta.  


For all we know, there will definitely be shorty kills in the LOCK IN tournament which means it is a win win situation. You get to see a player’s reaction as they get shorty’ed and charities get to have a donation of 27$ for each kill of those. 


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