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Interview with Apeks In Game Leader, Enzo Mestari

Interview with Apeks In Game Leader, Enzo Mestari
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I’m with Enzo from Apeks, how would you introduce yourself in one sentence?


Enzo: Hey! I’m Enzo Mestari, In-Game Leader and captain for Apeks in the Polaris region. 



Yoann: Great! Two weeks ago I interviewed Tombizz, Valorant caster, and he gave me a question to ask you: “Mitchman (Irish Valorant Caster) has claimed you as an Irish Valorant player, would you call yourself Irish or French?”


Enzo: I’m not going to answer that question haha, I’ll let the myth live!



Yoann: Alright! How and when did you get into esports?


Enzo: I started playing CSGO in 2017, and at that time I was playing with friends. In France, we’ve played many amateur LANs. I then joined my first team and played some tournaments with them. I finished my studies in 2020 and Valorant came out, it was the perfect timing!



Yoann: You joined Apeks in January 2023, how is it going so far?


Enzo: It’s going very well! We have good results that align with our ambitions and goals. The main goal is to get to the Ascension league, and I believe we are one of the best teams right now. Our destiny is in our hands.



Yoann: That’s great! How would you describe the playstyle of your team?


Enzo: We are a balanced team. We are playing an explosive playstyle with very solid fundamentals. We also have a great capacity for adaptation and firepower.



Yoann: What do you exactly mean by “balanced team”?


Enzo: When you build a team, you have to keep in mind that firepower is important but the priority is the balance and synergy between the players. My role is to create a game plan alongside with simple and effective fundamentals that allow each player to express themselves to their full potential both in and out of the game. A team is balanced when everyone is able to play to their full potential. The ability to communicate and propose solutions is very important, for that I count on everyone but ingame mainly on Magnum and Mistic who do an astonishing job in reading the opponent. Keiko likes to take his own initiatives and it is essential that he can continue to do so freely to destroy the opposition, and Shadow is a pillar of the team, an exemplary teammate. That's what a balanced team is, a team where the players don't hold each other back and pull each other up while expressing themselves to their full potential.



Yoann: That’s interesting. In 2022 you’ve played for Fnatic, Team France, and Team Liquid as a stand-in. What did you learn during this year?


Enzo: I learned a lot by competing at the highest level of the game, and I’ll give everything to get back there! I want to win an international tournament. 



Yoann: What do you think of the brand-new Valorant meta?


Enzo: I think it’s one of the most interesting meta we’ve had so far, even though Killjoy is omnipresent right now. I can’t wait to see more and more agents getting added to the game, and see new compositions like Loud’s with Viper, Harbor, and Skye. It was a very interesting approach!



Yoann: For sure! What would you change to the game if you were a developer?


Enzo: I would nerf both the accuracy on the ropes and when landing after jumping. I would also buff Harbor and Breach, and also the Odin so Mitch can win more games!



Yoann: Alright! What are your final thoughts about the Lock//In Tournament in Brazil?


Enzo: It’s always inspiring to see an international tournament with a crowd. I really enjoyed watching it, it also allowed me to learn some new stuff to implement in my own team.



Yoann: How would you describe the grand finals between Fnatic and Loud in three words?


Enzo: Eleven-Three to Twelve-Fourteen.



Yoann: That’s perfect haha! Who do you see winning in Tokyo's next major event?


Enzo: I’d say Loud or DRX.



Yoann: That’s interesting! I’ll now ask you ten quick questions, and you’ll have to answer them as fast as possible, ready?


Enzo: Okay, yeah.



Yoann: Phantom or Vandal?


Enzo: Phantom



Yoann: What’s the exact name of Sova’s shock dart?


Enzo: Wow, I have no idea.



Yoann: It’s Shock Bolt. Sova or Fade?


Enzo: Sova.



Yoann: How much damage does an Operator headshot deal?


Enzo: Maybe 250?



Yoann: Almost! 255. What’s your favorite skin bundle?


Enzo: I’d say Prelude to Chaos.



Yoann: What’s the most challenging match you’ve ever played?


Enzo: The BO3 against Leviatan in Copenhagen.



Yoann: What is your best memory on Valorant?


Enzo: My clutches against Leviatan in Copenhagen!



Yoann: Do you prefer Classic or Ghost in pistol rounds?


Enzo: The Frenzy!



Yoann: Whats your favorite map in Valorant?


Enzo: Ascent.



Yoann: The first Sova’s voice line that comes to mind?


Enzo: Shock Dart!



Yoann: I was expecting this one! As a bonus, do you have an estimation of the number of times you played Sova in an official match?


Enzo: I have no idea, maybe 130?



Yoann: Exactly 287! Okay, let’s get back to the normal questions. In your opinion, what makes the difference between a good and a great In Game Leader?


Enzo: I would say that a good IGL is able to create a game plan, know the strengths of his players, know what works on each map, which agents are good on which map, etc. But this is very basic, a great IGL will be able to create an atmosphere where each player feels good and ready to make daily progress. A great IGL also knows that it is normal to have problems in the team. All teams, even the best ones, have problems, and a great IGL must be aware of this and the important thing is to find solutions



Yoann: If you had the choice to play any team right now, which roster would you choose?


Enzo: I’d say Fnatic for sure!



Yoann: That would be a great match indeed! What makes Apeks a dangerous team people should support?


Enzo: Our playstyle, our capacity to adapt to every situation, and our players of course!



Yoann: Okay, what are your short and long-term ambitions with the team?


Enzo: With Apeks, our goal is to reach Ascension, and we are making progress every single day. The end goal is to compete in the main VCT championship.



Yoann: That’s great! Do you have anything left to say to conclude this interview?


Enzo: From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone supporting us, it’s super important to us. You are the reason why we push our limits every day. Also thanks for the interview, and to the people who will read it!



Yoann: Thank you for your time, wish you the best in the future!


Enzo: Thank you!

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