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VALORANT 6.08 PBE Patch Notes

VALORANT 6.08 PBE Patch Notes
Written by: Candiey



  • Wingman

    • Audio improvements to Wingman’s (Q) plant and defuse audio.

      • The audio cues for Wingman's spike and defuse sound were unclear during hectic combat situations. This should help make those audio cues standout.

  • We’ve updated Gekko’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.


  • Nanoswarm (Q)

    • Nanoswarm reveal radius increased 350 >> 525

    • Nanoswarm audio has been updated.

      • Audio loop now also turns off when disabled as a result of Killjoy being killed or suppressed.

    • Improved feedback for the enemy when they destroy Nanoswarm.

    • Nanoswarm is now revealed when it is disabled.

  • Other Abilities

    • Updated visuals for Killjoy’s ultimate Lockdown (X) being destroyed.

    • Removed the yellow warning UI Indicator for enemies Killjoy’s Lockdown (X).

    • Updated deactivate sounds for Killjoy’s Turret (C) and Alarmbot (E) to make them more distinct.


  • Brimstone's Sky Smoke (E), Orbital Strike (X), and Omen's From the Shadows (X) ability have updated targeting visuals to help players with precision placement on the map.


  • The newly updated Bind rotates into Competitive and Unrated queues.

  • Icebox rotates out of Competitive and Unrated queues.


  • We are aware of an issue modifying locale within the client. Locale updates will need to be performed through Riot Client (Riot Client settings).

  • We're aware of an issue where, in rare instances, audio cues are not playing for various sound effects. We are investigating at this time and will share as soon as we know more.

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