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Riot Tributes To Valorant Pro Player

Riot Tributes To Valorant Pro Player
Written by: Weeii

Riot’s Tribute To Valorant Pro Player

Valorant developers paid tribute to the pro player Gizem ‘Luie’ Harmankaya, making a player title obtainable in the latest Episode 6 Act 3 battlepass. 


The Turkish VALORANT professional player “Luie” took the community by storm as she passed away months ago during the Earthquake disaster that affected Turkey and Syria. 




As Episode 6 Act 3 took off going live on April 25th, the Riot dev “Jo-Ellen Aragon” revealed that she has been added as a tribute to be memorized by the valorant community which is a very wholesome act for Riot to take. 


Everyone loved this act, many of us will be able to remember her and picture her as a part of this game in great faith, she was an amazing player & person and left a positive mark for everybody she’s been with. 


About her career, Luie competed in the Valorant Game Changers league (EMEA Region) with the Turkish teams Galakticos Sirens, Unknownpros Female, and Vivace Vista. This made her remarkable across the scene and this tribute will now make her immortal in the VALORANT community. 


That being said, Luie is now the first Valorant Professional Player to ever have their name added into the game, beautiful to see. 

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