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Interview with SecretPSD, Graphic Designer for Global Esports

Interview with SecretPSD, Graphic Designer for Global Esports
Image Credit: Insomnia
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I'm with Suhail, graphic designer and art director for Global esports. 


Suhail: Hey, bro, how are you?



Yoann: I'm doing good, thank you!


Suhail: All right. Hi, guys. I'm Suhail aka SecretPSD, I’m 18 years old, and I am working for Global Esports as an art director. Before that, I worked with a lot of organizations in India, also one in the US.



Yoann: That’s great! When and how did you start creating art and why for esports?


Suhail: It all started back in 2017. I already had a PC, but it was a potato PC. I had a good mobile phone and I was using Photoshop mobile, as it was free to use for non commercial use.

I still have many friends still working on mobile.

Then, I bought a better PC and installed Photoshop. I was very interested in learning Photoshop, and making connections with other designers as well.

I started watching Seso’s tutorials on Youtube, he’s 100Thieves’ senior designer. I learned a lot, especially about the workflow, with the shortcuts.

He was also explaining how to make esports branding and stuff. So I learned from him and then started to make something of my own.

It's all about the game of the learning curve.





Yoann: Nice! Apart from Photoshop, which software are you using today?


Suhail: Photoshop is my primary software, I also use Illustrator, Blender, and Figma. I would like to explore more on 3D modeling in the future.



Yoann: What's the daily routine of a creative director, for an esports org?


Suhail: This is never a 9 to 5. I don't think anyone in esports has a 9 to 5 job. Because when you're working closely with a professional team, you can get work at any time of the day.

Basically, my daily routine is to manage all the social media stuff, such as the game day post, results, MVP, and everything around that.





Yoann: You are also doing photography, what can you tell us about that?


Suhail: One of my friends from the USA also works for a professional team, and he moved on to esports photography. In India we don't have that many photographers, as a designer, you will always need good photos. I thought “Why can't I do it myself?” it's so interesting to capture esports moments.



Yoann: Yeah for sure! Now I'm going to ask you ten quick questions, you’ll have to answer them as fast as possible.

Phantom or Vandal?


Suhail: Vandal.



Yoann: What's your favorite tool in Photoshop?


Suhail: Pen Tool



Yoann: What's your favorite agent?


Suhail: Jett.



Yoann: Do you prefer getting an insane clutch or an ACE?


Suhail: An insane clutch!



Yoann: What's your favorite skin collection?


Suhail: RGX!



Yoann: Classic art or digital art?


Suhail: Digital art for me. 



Yoann: What's your favorite map in Valorant?


Suhail: It has to be Bind.



Yoann: Do you like the brand new Bind changes?


Suhail: Yeah, I like it! But I don't like the position of the new teleporter.



Yoann: Okay, are you sometimes able to travel with the team?


Suhail: No, unfortunately.



Yoann: Describe your art style in a few words.


Suhail: My art style has more depth, more face value, and more colors.



Yoann: How often are you playing Valorant in your free time?


Suhail: Almost every day, bro!



Yoann: That’s nice! What are your passions or hobbies aside from digital art?


Suhail: I like riding bikes a lot! 



Yoann: Have you been able to play with the Global Esports players?


Suhail: I've played against them in ranked matches, the team has been busy in tournaments, so we don't get much time to play together.



Yoann: How do you feel about the brand new Valorant Meta, especially with Harbor today?


Suhail: Harbor is actually a very easy character and also a very complicated character at the same time. His wall is so useful, although it's not like Viper’s wall, where you can use it again and again.

But with Harbor, you can be creative with the way you use his wall, and get an advantage. With the cove and the cascades, you can easily cover the entire site.



Yoann: What would you change to the game if you were a developer?


Suhail: There are so many skins that none of us want. Every time we open the store, we never get the skin we want! I’d also make a better black market.



Yoann: That’s true haha! So what are your short and long-term ambitions with Global Esports?


Suhail: Short term, I want to work more closely with the team in Korea (where the Pacific League is located). Because I didn't get the chance to do it back then. I’d be able to work much better if I were with the team at all times.

I wasn’t there when we made the short movie on Skrossi, I didn’t know him personally before that. Knowing someone personally opens up a lot of doors to design a lot of things. Which may look more visually appealing and tells a story about the person you are talking about.

The long-term goal would be to become an asset to the company. I've never thought of joining any other team other than Global Esports. We are the only ones right now who are representing India on such a big stage in a game like Valorant.

I would like to add more value to the company and provide the upcoming talents with photography, design, or maybe filmmaking actually.




Yoann: That’s awesome! So what would you tell someone aspiring to become a full-time 3D artist?


Suhail: My only advice would be to learn the software in the best possible way. On software like Photoshop or Blender, there are so many buttons/functions, and if you don't know them, it's difficult to even design a donut haha!



Yoann: That’s for sure! Is there anything else you wanted to add to this interview?


Suhail: I would like to say something for all the creative people out there. We always work backstage. Like recently I have been doing great on Twitter, but I've seen a lot of people with  great talent, not getting a lot of attention. Props to everyone who was working in the dark, and also to everyone who is in fashion design or anything, all the best to them! And we all will make our parents proud someday.



Yoann: Awesome! Thank you so much for your time and I wish you the best in the future.


Suhail: Thank you for having me!


Suhail’s Twitter: @SecretPSD
Suhail’s Linktree:


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