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Acend and Gambit through to playoffs - VCT Masters: Berlin DAY 7 Recap

Acend and Gambit through to playoffs - VCT Masters: Berlin DAY 7 Recap
Image Credit: GambitEsports
Written by: ar1essss

The last game day of the group stage has come to an end, according to the results of which we learned the last two teams that made it to the playoffs.


Acend vs. SuperMassive Blaze


For the third time in the last month, these teams, and previous victories, have been won by Acend. This match was no exception. In this match, SuperMassive Blaze finally managed to beat Acend on the Ascent map. In the last match, they led the campaign of the match, but allowed the opponent to recoup and win that match. In this match, they corrected their mistakes, reorganized for defense, and defeated Acend 13:6.



In the second map, Bind, Acend showed more confident game, won first six rounds. Then they managed to win the first half 9:3, and even the score in this series by winning the second map 13:7. 



Predictably, decider map came out very persistent. The first half ended 6:6, SuperMassive Blaze manage to lead 8:6, but Acend won the first 'buy-round', and then strengthened their advantage after Kiles's clutch. 



SuperMassive Blaze tried to close the gap, but Acend were unbeaten in this evening.


Gambit Esports vs. Crazy Raccoon


Another match, in which the teams that have already met in this tournament, played. In the first match, Gambit won against Crazy Raccoon easily, so fans didn't wait something interesting in this meeting. But Crazy Raccoon were able to surprise. Crazy Raccoon won the first six rounds on Ascent.



But Gambit woke up, first reducing the gap to two rounds, and then showing a brilliant game for defense, and winning the first map 13:8.



Crazy Raccoon also started on the second map, winning the first half 8: 4. But then Gambit was able to close the gap again and move the game into overtime. Crazy Raccoon ran out of power and were forced to surrender at 12:14.


Sentinels vs. F4Q


Although the last match of the day between Sentinels and F4Q did not mean anything, it still turned out to be interesting. The North American team easily won Breeze 13:3.



But, suddenly, F4Q were able to beat Sentinels on Split, 13:9. The North American team definitely needs to work on it ahead of the playoffs. But the Sentinels did not want to lose for the second day in a row, and just like on the first map, they confidently defeated the opponent with a final score of 13:4.





Based on the results of the group stage, we have determined the quarterfinal pairs:

Vision Strikers vs. Gambit Esports | 1:00 pm, CEST
G2 Esports vs. KRU Esports | 4:00 pm, CEST
100Thieves vs. Acend | 7:00 pm, CEST
Envy vs. Sentinels | 10:00 pm, CEST


All matches will be played on 17th, September. 

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