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Valorant Pro Calls Out Riot For Lack Of Media Coverage

Valorant Pro Calls Out Riot For Lack Of Media Coverage
Written by: Weeii

Pro Player Mel Calls Out Riot For Lack Of Media Presence


Version1 Mel, a professional player competing in the Game Changers scene, calls out Riot for their lack of promotion during the last Game Changers event




It came to light by the pro player Mel that the media coverage for the ongoing Game Changers event (Stage 2) is simply not anywhere near the last few times the tournament was hosted. In the previous Game Changers event, Riot went above and beyond from creating trailers, and streaming most matches to special interviews with the players that put them in a shining spotlight. 


However, this time is not the same. Riot obviously cannot always go above the expectations for each event, but Mel mentioned that there wasn’t even a press conference post matches which seems very underwhelming. 


“i dont want to come across as ungrateful, but i see how hard all of these players are working + how competitive this GC was and really wish for them the same opportunities and support that i received” Mel said in a follow up.

“i’m not asking for Riot to fly people out and shoot high production trailers every GC like they did last year, but not even having press conferences is wild to me. there just hasn’t been as much hype generated from promos this year :/” 


This goes to show that the importance of media coverage is not just to attract viewers, but also to help players and new talent to grow faster and earn the opportunities they deserve as they deem theirselves on the scene.


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