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When Does Episode 7 Act 3 Start? & More

When Does Episode 7 Act 3 Start? & More
Written by: Weeii

Episode 7 Act 2 has been a hell of a journey so far, whether that be good or bad. Now some of you might wonder, when will we see Episode 7 Act 3? And what will be new in it? Let’s take a dive! 


Release Date


As usual, the start of Episode 7 Act 3 will start directly after the end of the current one. That will be on October 31st. The launch times (as estimated from the previous acts) will be at 2 PM PT


By then, the ongoing Night Market would expire as it ends a day earlier, on October 30th. 

What’s New?


In the new patch, we can finally expect Agent 24 to make it into the game. This much awaited Duelist from China is supposed to bring a new form of firepower to the game.


We may also see map changes, as we haven’t seen Icebox in a very long time so it might finally be time for it to come back with changes. 


With that, Premier stage 2 will also start as the first season of the official Premier release concludes at the end of the Act.


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