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The Best & Worst Ranked Agents With Stats

The Best & Worst Ranked Agents With Stats
Written by: Weeii

Have you ever wondered, what is the best agent to play in ranked? On the other hand, what about the worst agents to play? Today we will show you the highest & lowest win rates across the ranks based on played Agents. Remember that this is not an accurate determination of how good an agent is, but rather how they tend to perform in ranked.


Best & Worst Agents In Ranked


Oftentimes, an agent’s full capability won’t shine in ranked matches. Valorant is a tactical 5v5 team game, which means coordination and teamwork lead the charts for what makes a great team. So it’s safe to say, agents that require a lot of coordination to shine, will be harder to play in ranked. 


According to, the highest win % in agents in Radiant are: 


  • Phoenix: 1.1 KD & 52.9% Winrate
  • Gekko: 1.01 KD & 51.3% Winrate 
  • Cypher: 1.07 KD & 51.2% Winrate 


These are the best 3 agents played in the Radiant elo, which is the top 0.1% of players. However, now we will demonstrate the worst 3 agents in terms of win rate: 


  • Breach: 0.96 KD & 47.5% Winrate
  • Deadlock: 1.1 KD & 46.7% Winrate
  • KAY/O: 0.96 KD & 46.1% Winrate


By no means are Breach and KAY/O weak or bad agents, but both rely heavily on teamwork since they are initiator agents and that makes it hard for them to shine an in environment that might not be as synergized as pro play. 

What about a different rank than Radiant? The results may vary but it has a mutual factor. Let’s take a look at where these agents are placed in Diamond 3


  • Brimstone: 0.97 KD & 51% Winrate 
  • Sage: 0.94 KD & 50.8% Winrate 
  • Phoenix: 1.1 KD & 50.6% Winrate


These are the best 3 agents played in the Diamond elo. Let’s move on to the bottom 3: 


  • Yoru: 1.01 KD & 47.3% Winrate
  • Harbor: 0.92 KD & 46.4% Winrate
  • KAY/O: 0.92 KD & 45.2% Winrate


One similarity we notice is KAY/O, consistently being the lowest agent on the list regardless of the rank. This can simply be justified by the agent’s difficulty to master and how the ranked environment works. 

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