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New Duelist ISO Full Abilities And Gameplay

New Duelist ISO Full Abilities And Gameplay
Written by: Weeii

The new duelist ISO has officially been revealed, from the trailer to the gameplay and abilities everything will be covered. Here you will find every ability and how it acts in-game: 



ISO’s Abilities 

Ability 1



While this ability might strike you as "OP", it would require a lot of skill and mechanical capabilities for anyone to bring out the most benefit of it. 

Ability 2



This ability will help you cast an Omen blind style vulnerability hit on enemies, this would be especially useful in pistol rounds as enemies will become 1 body shot to kill.

Ability 3 



His third ability is how you should be planning to explode out of a choke point, a harbor wall that is bullet proof, though take care as it doesn't cover much for you.

Ability 4 (Ultimate) 




These are the newest agent abilities, while they seem pretty exciting and “overpowered” it is too early to judge or make a conclusion yet. However, if you are to try and get a good idea of how this agent plays out, check out your favorite streamers as they might be playing this agent live!

ISO’s Gameplay


If you want to get a grasp of how good an agent is or how it could playout in the field, its best to do that by watching a pro player. Here’s how Cryo plays ISO: 




Not only does the agent seem very capable, but it also brings a good dynamic shift to the game with things we’ve never seen before, it might be time to switch to ISO and leave other roles behind

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