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Sentinels Set To Continue With 3.4 Million Injection

Sentinels Set To Continue With 3.4 Million Injection
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels CEO made a huge announcement, to all of you SEN Fans, this is good news. Sentinels were previously at risk of running out of money, which essentially meant the organization would shut down, however, things ended up taking a good route. 


Sentinels Are Here To Stay 


So what is the good news? And how is Sentinels pulling out of the tight situation they were once into? Long story short, the ownership group of SEN decided to keep going with the company, injecting around $3.4 million into the organization.




This would mean, for all of you SEN Fans and SEN Club members, you will continue to see your favorite players dominating in titles like VALORANT and perhaps other games too. Let’s not mention the content Sentinels produces as it is easily one of the best orgs to do content at the moment. 


In the following article, Sentinels also mentioned their plan to expand in Esports and continue its future endeavors. So not only are you to see VALORANT Sen play and hit the record for stream views, but you might be able to see your favorite team elsewhere.

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