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EG Ethan Might Have Escaped Contract Jail

EG Ethan Might Have Escaped Contract Jail
Written by: Weeii

Evil Geniuses, the crowned winners of VCT Champions 2023 went down as one of the most surprising failing organizations. Everybody is familiar with the fall of the org as right after they won VCT Champions 2023, players were forced to accept a 50% cut on their contracts. 


Although it was reported players were offered to explore options, the organization ended up putting their players in a contract jail, essentially ruining the players' chances and careers for the coming future. 



EG Ethan may have escaped the Contract Jail


Ethan, a pillar member of the Evil Geniuses Valorant squad made a recent tweet that took his fans’ attention, possibly hinting at the fact that he escaped the contract jail EG has chained its players with. 




In the tweet, he just posted a GIF of people jumping around in prison clothes as if they are enjoying their freedom after a long-awaited release. 


Now this is just a speculation, but it could be that Ethan has found a way to escape the contract jail to finally explore options and continue thriving in the Valorant Esports scene being one of the most valuable players, as 2023 proved to us of him. 


And if that speculation to be true, we are yet to confirm anything about the rest of the squad but we all hope that this issue gets resolved as soon as possible. 

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