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EG Players Are Reportedly Getting 50% Pay Cuts After Winning VCT

EG Players Are Reportedly Getting 50% Pay Cuts After Winning VCT
Written by: Weeii

Evil Geniuses, the so recently crowned Valorant Champions are suffering backlash from the community as they are deemed “ungrateful” to their players. After EG won VCT Champions 2023, they told their players they were free to explore options or re-sign but with significant pay cuts. 


EG Players Are Getting Pay Cuts


Evil Geniuses has just won their first ever international Valorant trophy. With that, you might expect that their players will become more valuable, and would definitely continue to strive and prepare for next year, right? Well, that is not the case. 




Ethan, one of the EG players sparked a controversy in the community by tweeting “Winning is cool, Sucks it doesn’t matter” which has gotten a lot of attention. 


The community has concluded that Evil Geniuses had done something, but it was not known by then. It surfaced, that the organization let the players know they can explore options, or re-sign only if they accept to go through significant pay cuts. 


But pay cuts aren’t all that it is all about, as other EG players said during streams that they were not treated with the respect that they deserved, which makes getting a pay cut even worse. 


Not only are the players forced to leave after forming a super star team or accept the pay cuts, there was a report made by Richard Lewis indicating that these pay cuts are nearly at 50% (half of their original salary) which is a huge step down. 


This goes to show, the Esports scene is unstable and if a team who won VCT Champions can face these circumstances, it could happen to anyone else. 

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